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A major change in plans…

Posted by on April 11, 2015

APRIL 11,2015


We’re “outta here.” We’re heading East on Hwy 10 toward Alabama. We’ll return to New Orleans when the weather is better.


Sorry you guys…no alligators this time. I’ll find ’em next year!


LEAVING NEW ORLEANS. We’ve changed our plans. A major weather event is approaching. It’s going to be very stormy here..heavy rain, high winds and thunderstorms… for the next seven or eight days. We’d be “housebound” if we stayed. So, we’re leaving in the morning and heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We’ll come back to New Orleans next year when the weather is better. I hate to leave without doing all we’d planned, but having the flexibility to change our travel plans as needed is one of the real benefits of motorhome travel.


This is how fireflies look in the night sky. There was a whole bunch of them right near our campsite this evening.

NO ALLIGATORS, BUT WE DID SEE FIREFLIES. I’m really sorry we are having to leave New Orleans so soon. We didn’t get a chance to see any of the sights. And we certainly didn’t see any alligators…not even one. But we did get a treat this evening during a lull in the rain. We saw fireflies. Sometimes they’re called lightening bugs. Yep, that’s right…we saw fireflies! Have you ever seen them? Do you know what they are? Well, I’ll tell you a bit about them. They aren’t flies. They’re tiny winged beetles that congregate in marshes or wet wooded areas where there’s an abundance of food. They emerge in the Spring. They emit intermittent pinpoints of bright light at night when they are mating. We saw them twinkling around some trees near where we’re camping. Pretty neat!

NEXT STOP…GULF SHORES, ALABAMA. As those of you who follow this blog know, I’ve been missing the beach…a lot! Having spent most of my life living either at the beach or within a stone’s throw of it, I’m finding that the sound of the surf and the smell of salt sea air are more important to me than I’d realized. So I’m really looking forward to our upcoming time along the Eastern seaboard. I haven’t been there since a was in my teens, but  I still remember vividly how beautiful it is and I can’t wait to get there.


Gulf Shores, Alabama, near the town of Foley. I could spend some serious time sitting on this beach thinking about how to solve all the world’s problems! 

AND AGAIN NEXT WINTER. Our plan is to spend next winter in Gulf Shores, Alabama and have lots of time at the beach. It looks from our online research as if the beach area there and the little coastal towns will be well worth a lengthy visit. But, since we’re so close to that neck of the woods right now, we decided to drive there now, in order to preview it before we make a commitment for a long term stay next winter.

A BUCKHORN LAKE REUNION. We’ll evaluate several RV parks in Gulf Shores. And we’ll be in touch with Roger and Annie to discuss the options, as they’ve already decided to join us there for the winter. It’ll be fun having them as neighbors again. And we’re still going to try to get Dan and Robyn to join us in Alabama for the winter, too. If we could all be together again this year for Thanksgiving that would be “the best.” Nostalgia: pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again. We had lots of good times with both of these couples last year at Buckhorn Lake! We should all meet again!


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