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Another interesting person…

Posted by on June 23, 2016

I meet interesting people everywhere.

ANOTHER INTERESTING PERSON. I met a guy this morning who’s definitely “a person of interest.”  As those of you who subscribe to my blog already know, I’m as interested in meeting people on our Journey as I am in seeing the sights through our commercial bus size windshield. I wouldn’t trade our visit to the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona for all the tea in China. However, I’d not trade the opportunities I’ve had to meet so many interesting people along the way, either. People who’s life experiences are different from mine. People of all ages and races. People from whom I can learn a thing or two. I met another one of them this morning. Here’s his story.

MY NEW FRIEND JASON. Meet Jason, my new friend from Ogden, Utah. He and his wife have a two year old son. His wife is a Sergeant in the Army Reserves. She’s a small arms repair specialist. (Can’t wait to meet her! Another interesting person, for sure.) By all appearances Jason and I have nothing in common. He’s a young man and I’m a bit older. He’s got a full beard and lots of hair on his head. I’m just two days into growing a beard and my noggin doesn’t have much hair on it at all. He’s working hard to support his family and I’m retired. He’s a millennial and I’m a baby boomer. We met by chance. There was no apparent reason why we were in the same place at the same time. But within a couple of hours and way too many cups of coffee, we each had learned valuable lessons from the other. That’s the way it goes for me these days. I’m delighted.


Jason and I met only by chance. 

WHAT AN INTERESTING JOB. Jason works for Trampoline Parts LLC. (For my lawyer friends, it’s no surprise that it’s an LLC, right? That’s how I’d have organized it for sure!) The company sells, warrants and services commercial size trampolines all over the world. Sea World has them. Knott’s Berry Farm has them. You get the idea. When warranty or repair work is needed, Jason and his team travel to the site where the work is needed. They repair, replace or otherwise resolve the problem. Business trips have taken him to most of the lower 48 states and even to remote locations such as China and Scotland. His team typically works at night when customer parks are closed to the public. Once the repair work is completed, he’s on a plane headed to his next destination. In fact he left to for the airport just a couple hours after we talked this morning.

BUT OF MORE INTEREST TO ME. What’s even more interesting than his job description is that we share some beliefs and aspirations. strangerIt’s between the two of us…not for publication. I’ll just say they have to do with relationships, children, politics and where this country seems to be headed. Jason is sensitive and wise beyond his years. Tears came to his eyes when he told me of visiting his dad a few days ago on Father’s Day. It’s OK my friend. It’s OK.

OUR PATHS WILL CROSS AGAIN. We’ll meet again some day, probably in Utah. In fact, the last time my wife and I were there we didn’t get to spend as much time with Mitt and Ann as we’d have liked, so we’ll be returning again soon anyway. (All kidding aside, Romney just finished construction on an oceanfront, white-water view home in La Jolla, California. That almost makes us neighbors, no kidding.) Now, my experience meeting folks along our way has been that despite lots of promises to stay in touch, it rarely happens. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case with the new friend I made this morning. We, too, promised to keep in touch. But I’ll be surprised if I don’t hear from Jason soon.

BE SAFE. Be safe, my friend. Do something nice for yourself today. Call your wife and tell her you love her. Mean it. Say hello to a stranger. Because although you think you know what tomorrow holds for you, my story is ample evidence to the contrary. I’m just glad a miracle happened and I was able to meet you this morning.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER. Always remember to welcome each day with passion and soulful hospitality, because life is the ultimate gift. This is the spirit of living. This is what we’re born to do.


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