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Arizona for the winter…

Posted by on February 12, 2018

CASA GRANDE RV RESORT. We’re not exactly snowbirds, but we can see why lots of them spend the winter in Arizona. Since our drive to Oregon was delayed due to the early winter and lots of snow on our intended route, we decided to spend a couple of months here. It’s outside of Tucson and the weather was absolutely beautiful for our entire stay. But after about May, forget it! Some folks who live in the area told us the temperatures are as high as 120 degrees during the summer. I guess that’s why so many Arizona residents visit San Diego during the summer each year. We call them “Zonies.”

TUCSON. Tucson is home to the University of Arizona. The population of the city and its metropolitan area is just under a million. The city and Phoenix, about a hundred miles down the road, anchor what’s called the Arizona Sun Corridor. The area gets about 350 days of sunshine each year. Rain is rare even during winter, but we did have a few storms during our stay and some spectacular lightning shows.


Saguaro Cactus populate much of the landscape in the Sonoran desert. I’ve heard it’s a big-deal criminal offense to deface or damage one of these plants in the state of Arizona.


Just as Florida is known for spectacular lightning shows, Tucson and Arizona in general are known for spectacular sunsets. We weren’t disappointed.


WE’RE NOW IN LAUGHLIN, NEVADA.  Over the years, we’ve spent lots of time in Laughlin riding our jet skis on the Colorado River and adjacent Lake Mojave. We’ve also had fun in the casinos and restaurants along the Strip. So we’ve stopped here for a week to reminisce and again experience some of the sights and sounds we love about the area. Lots more pictures coming soon.


The beach at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada on the Colorado River.


I’ll continue my story next time.

5 Responses to Arizona for the winter…

  1. Randy HOWE

    R u two just wandering around in the sunshine? I wondered about the blurb about the New Mexico side trip, then guessed you had done that before reaching Casa Grande. Regardless, it was interesting.

  2. Steve Hanleigh

    I remember two things about Laughlin.
    First, its a great place to be from.
    Second, it gets really hot!

    If you’re coming through California, and want to visit Monterey Peninsula, we’d love to host you for a bit….great destination area, with so many fun things to do, visit, experience. Just don’t plan on driving up the coast for a while, if ever!

  3. Randy HOWE

    Is good!

  4. Greg Alford

    Steve, if we don’t make it on the way up the coast, we’ll for sure drive down after we’re settled. I’m looking forward to it!

  5. Greg Alford

    I’m having trouble with the comments. Bear with me. Thanks.

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