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“Californian to Texan” Translation Guide…

Posted by on November 11, 2014

NOVEMBER 11, 2014

KERRVILLE, TEXAS. We’ve been “Winter Texans” now for about 3 weeks. We like it here in the Lone Star State. We’re gradually gettin’ the hang of things and learning our way around town. The way folks talk…with that Texas accent and drawl that seemed very pronounced when we arrived…has become almost unremarkable.

We now almost expect young people to be polite to their elders and we know the difference between a longhorn and a prairie dog.  I know that the State Capital is Austin, the state flower is bluebonnet, the state bird is mockingbird and the state tree is the pecan. However, a local told me the other day that even though I’m making good progress transforming from Californian to Texan, it can take years to make the full conversion…to really talk like a Texan.  In an effort to assist me, he offered the following…




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