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Up, up and away…

OCTOBER 15, 2016 MEET OUR FRIEND WAYNE.  We’ve been at the same RV park for quite a while. People come and go. Different rigs on different days. But when our “next door neighbor” Wayne arrived, we knew something was a little different. After initial pleasantries on arrival, we noticed that behind his good looking motorhome … Continue reading »

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What’s next?

OCTOBER 13, 2016. Many of you have asked me, “Why are you still in Pensacola? We thought you’d have headed down the road by now.” We thought so too, but a couple things changed. First, I decided not to resist all my doctors’ pleas that I stay in town a little longer. They remain amazed at … Continue reading »

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My trip to San Diego…

OCTOBER 12, 2016. Mum’s been the word about our future plans. But that’s only because we hadn’t formulated them until now. We’ve made some decisions and plotted our course, so in short order I’ll let you know “what’s next.” And perhaps after you know where we’re headed you’ll have some suggestions for us. What to see and … Continue reading »

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The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part II.

THE MANY FACES. About a week ago, I published a post called “The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach.”  There are a few more pictures I took that morning at the beach, so I decided to post them here as “The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part II.” The theme continues to be something like, “Its easy to … Continue reading »

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McGuire’s Irish Pub…

MC GUIRE’S IRISH PUB. “One of America’s Finest Steak Houses.” That’s what the ad says. But what my cousin Scott told me is this, “Greg, don’t get the ‘end cut’ prime rib. It is too smokey. Any other cut is fine.” That’s because what this pub’s famous for serving is not steaks. No, it’s their prime … Continue reading »

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Not your average Joe…

IT’S THE PEOPLE. It’s the people I meet on our Great American Adventure. They are the ones who make our Journey special. The places and parks and cities and attractions are way fun. But it’s the people I want to meet. Here’s Joe Zeller, a retired Veteran of World War II.  Still a “regular guy” at … Continue reading »

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The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach…

PENSACOLA BEACH. Anchored at the western tip of Florida, stretching miles along the Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola Beach’s sugar-white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters draw beach lovers, fishing enthusiasts and environmentalists alike. The all-inclusive term “Pensacola Beach” is however a misnomer for the location of my visit today. Because it is but one of the … Continue reading »

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“Hello, Goodbye.”

HELLO, GOODBYE. One of the most enjoyable parts of being on an extended RV adventure is meeting people. One of the least enjoyable realities of being on an extended RV adventure is saying goodbye to people. “Hello, Goodbye!”  Here’s how the Beetles sang it: “You say yes, I say no / You say stop and I say … Continue reading »

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And the winner is…

NAME THAT DOG CONTEST. Thanks to all of you who participated in “Name That Dog” contest here at Great American Adventure. Before our Maltipoo puppy arrived, we decided to get your help picking a name. Hence the contest. Lots of you entered. I received almost a hundred nominations. It’s finally time to announce the puppy’s … Continue reading »

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Pat’s Blueberry Farm…

LET’S STOP. IT’S RIGHT ON THE WAY HOME. Driving home the morning after our wonderful Table in a Kitchen experience, where we enjoyed a five course meal and had a chance to interact with the chef who prepared it, I had a great idea. “Let’s stop at Pat’s Blueberry Farm and get some fresh vegetables,” I … Continue reading »

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Oakfield Union Missionary Baptist Church…

OAKFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH. I’m going to tell you about this little church in the deep South. I’m going to show it to you and introduce you to the people who worship there. I’ll take you to their Sunday afternoon potluck dinner and listen with you to the music they make. It’s fascinating. But before we even … Continue reading »

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Wayne’s Family Diner…

JULY 31, 2016 WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? I hear this question quite a bit. I pretty much heard it every day from “my sixteen year old girlfriend” in San Diego, Marymay, who hung out at our place a lot when we had our little ranch in the back country. I fed her well and in exchange she’d … Continue reading »

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Our puppy will be on United Airlines flight 442…

JULY 28, 2016 OUR PUPPY IS FLYING TO PENSACOLA. She’ll be here on August 9th in the evening. Don’t worry, she’s riding first class and her area will be climate-controlled. Here are some pictures the breeder just sent to me. We’re pretty excited. In fact, I haven’t seen Florence this excited for as long as I … Continue reading »

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Music men…

JULY 28, 2016 MIKE IS THE DRUMMER IN A REGGAE BAND. He’s been happily married for more than 30 years. An Assistant Pastor at his Baptist Church, he also plays drums in a Reggae Band. We’re going to watch his group play next Sunday afternoon at the Malibu Lounge right here in Pensacola. Here’s a … Continue reading »

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Lunch, dinner and a movie…

JULY 27, 2016 NEW FRIENDS. We continue to be blessed with new friends. With opportunities to meet fellow travelers whose stories are very different from our own. Opportunities to be with them and watch them perform. Opportunities never have had if Florence and I hadn’t taken a risk and embarked on our Great American Adventure a … Continue reading »

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New friends and an old trailer…

JULY 24, 2016 I’M SURE YOU’RE CONFUSED. You supported me when I was deathly ill. After almost nine months, you celebrated my return to health. I made new friends and enjoyed extraordinary medical care. Florence and I became closer than ever before. LEVIN PAPANTONIO LAW FIRM. One of the country’s top law firms, Levin Papantonio has … Continue reading »

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Our new puppy…

JULY 24, 2016. We’ve been wanting a traveling companion for a long time. We’ve debated whether it should be a cat or a dog. We can’t comfortably have large dogs like our German Shepherds back at Deerhorn Valley. Remember them? Well, we’ve finally decided that our new pet should be a dog, but a motorhome size. WHICH … Continue reading »

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