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Along our Journey across America, I’m going to meet the people who live in our great country…the “big shots” and the “little shots.” My story will include their stories. What do they believe? Why? How do their life experiences compare to mine? What are their hopes and dreams? I want to meet a farmer. I want to chat with a lobster fisherman. I want to play checkers in front of the general store, with the old-timer siting there. I’m gonna meet a cowboy…and talk to a country singer at the Grand Ole Opry. What about an assembly line worker making cars in Detroit? A United States Senator? A Secret Service Agent? I want to visit the Pentagon and chat with an Army General. (I think my friend Michael can make this happen!) You get the idea. As I meet these folks along the way I’ll write a little about them, right here. Meeting them is as much of the Great American Adventure as visiting the places where they live. So, here are some of their stories…

Christ on a bicycle!

IT’S HARD TO WRITE A TRAVEL BLOG. Christ on a bicycle! When you’re not traveling, it’s darn-near impossible to write a travel blog. That’s been my frustration for more than a year while we remained in Pensacola on my doctors’ orders after the “brush with death” I had in November of 2015. Even though I’ll be … Continue reading »

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North America’s Oldest City, Part 1…

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA. As we prepare to leave Florida after so much time in the state, our last stop is St. Augustine, located on the Atlantic coast of eastern Florida. It’s the oldest city in North America. In fact it predates Jamestown and Plymouth by decades. It was founded in 1565 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro … Continue reading »

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Disney Springs…

A MALL, NOT A THEME PARK. More theme parks are located in Orlando than in any other city in the world. Disney World, Epcot Center, Sea World, Legoland to name just a few. But we’ve already been to these parks years ago and frankly didn’t have any interest in fighting the crowds to spend lots of … Continue reading »

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Happy Thanksgiving…

THANKSGIVING, 2016. This Thanksgiving Day I am grateful more than ever before during my lifetime! I am thankful for my wife, my health and for friends at my side and many others who prayed for me and offered their support last year at this time. Because last year at Thanksgiving, I lay in the intensive … Continue reading »

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Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow…

NOVEMBER 11, 2016 VETERANS DAY WEEKEND. What better way to celebrate Veterans Day Weekend than to attend the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The show celebrates not only the holiday weekend, but the 70th Anniversary of the Blue Angels team as well.

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Turkey Shoot in Elberta, Alabama…

NOVEMBER 6, 2016 REALLY? If someone had told me even as recently as a year ago that Florence and I would one day go to a Turkey Shoot in Elberta, Alabama I’d have said, “You’re out of your mind! I mean, why in the world would anyone want to go to a Turkey Shoot, whatever that … Continue reading »

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Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival…

NOVEMBER 6, 2016 PENSACOLA’S GREAT GULFCOAST ARTS FESTIVAL. This is a popular arts festival held each year in Pensacola. More than 200 painters, potters, sculptors, jewelers and others display their works. Craft artists demonstrate traditional arts, crafts and trades, including blacksmithing, engraving, spinning and weaving. Live musicians entertain with music ranging from bluegrass to Cajun to … Continue reading »

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Up, up and away…

OCTOBER 15, 2016 MEET OUR FRIEND WAYNE.  We’ve been at the same RV park for quite a while. People come and go. Different rigs on different days. But when our “next door neighbor” Wayne arrived, we knew something was a little different. After initial pleasantries on arrival, we noticed that behind his good looking motorhome … Continue reading »

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Hollywood’s Magic Castle…

MY FRIEND CRAIG STONE. Craig Stone is a professional magician, one of the best. He looks the part. He’s a former client and a dear old friend. Together over the past thirty years we’ve laughed together on dozens of occasions. He’s worked for me and I’ve worked for him. He’s entertained my guests at birthday parties … Continue reading »

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“Hello, Goodbye.”

HELLO, GOODBYE. One of the most enjoyable parts of being on an extended RV adventure is meeting people. One of the least enjoyable realities of being on an extended RV adventure is saying goodbye to people. “Hello, Goodbye!”  Here’s how the Beetles sang it: “You say yes, I say no / You say stop and I say … Continue reading »

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And the winner is…

NAME THAT DOG CONTEST. Thanks to all of you who participated in “Name That Dog” contest here at Great American Adventure. Before our Maltipoo puppy arrived, we decided to get your help picking a name. Hence the contest. Lots of you entered. I received almost a hundred nominations. It’s finally time to announce the puppy’s … Continue reading »

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REO Speedwagon…

REPRESENTING A ROCK STAR. All divorce lawyers dream of representing high-profile clients. As you’ll remember, I’ve previously introduced you to NFL Hall of Fame member Fred  Biletnikoff and to Eddie Feigner, whose “King and His Court” fast pitch four man baseball team toured the country and sent many a Major League player back to the dugout. … Continue reading »

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Oakfield Union Missionary Baptist Church…

OAKFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH. I’m going to tell you about this little church in the deep South. I’m going to show it to you and introduce you to the people who worship there. I’ll take you to their Sunday afternoon potluck dinner and listen with you to the music they make. It’s fascinating. But before we even … Continue reading »

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Music men…

JULY 28, 2016 MIKE IS THE DRUMMER IN A REGGAE BAND. He’s been happily married for more than 30 years. An Assistant Pastor at his Baptist Church, he also plays drums in a Reggae Band. We’re going to watch his group play next Sunday afternoon at the Malibu Lounge right here in Pensacola. Here’s a … Continue reading »

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Lunch, dinner and a movie…

JULY 27, 2016 NEW FRIENDS. We continue to be blessed with new friends. With opportunities to meet fellow travelers whose stories are very different from our own. Opportunities to be with them and watch them perform. Opportunities never have had if Florence and I hadn’t taken a risk and embarked on our Great American Adventure a … Continue reading »

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“We gotta move so we can move.”

IT MAKES SENSE. We gotta move our stuff  back to our motorhome. Until that’s done, we can’t move down the road. And what we want to do more than anything is move down the road. See the country. Meet the people. Resume our Great American Adventure. That’s what we’re about these days. So let’s get it done! … Continue reading »

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Kona Shaved Ice on a Super-Hot Day…

DEAR GREG, I’M A LITTLE CONFUSED. “I’m a little confused. I thought yours was a travel blog…and it was when you started your Great American Adventure in 2013. But recently you began adding posts about people you’ve met, former clients like professional athletes,  your personal reflections, humor, cooking, the book you’re writing (“My Life in Court) and now … Continue reading »

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