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Special occasions

Happy Thanksgiving…

THANKSGIVING, 2016. This Thanksgiving Day I am grateful more than ever before during my lifetime! I am thankful for my wife, my health and for friends at my side and many others who prayed for me and offered their support last year at this time. Because last year at Thanksgiving, I lay in the intensive … Continue reading »

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Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow…

NOVEMBER 11, 2016 VETERANS DAY WEEKEND. What better way to celebrate Veterans Day Weekend than to attend the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The show celebrates not only the holiday weekend, but the 70th Anniversary of the Blue Angels team as well.

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Turkey Shoot in Elberta, Alabama…

NOVEMBER 6, 2016 REALLY? If someone had told me even as recently as a year ago that Florence and I would one day go to a Turkey Shoot in Elberta, Alabama I’d have said, “You’re out of your mind! I mean, why in the world would anyone want to go to a Turkey Shoot, whatever that … Continue reading »

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Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival…

NOVEMBER 6, 2016 PENSACOLA’S GREAT GULFCOAST ARTS FESTIVAL. This is a popular arts festival held each year in Pensacola. More than 200 painters, potters, sculptors, jewelers and others display their works. Craft artists demonstrate traditional arts, crafts and trades, including blacksmithing, engraving, spinning and weaving. Live musicians entertain with music ranging from bluegrass to Cajun to … Continue reading »

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Hollywood’s Magic Castle…

MY FRIEND CRAIG STONE. Craig Stone is a professional magician, one of the best. He looks the part. He’s a former client and a dear old friend. Together over the past thirty years we’ve laughed together on dozens of occasions. He’s worked for me and I’ve worked for him. He’s entertained my guests at birthday parties … Continue reading »

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The impact of hunger and food insecurity in America…

SOMETHING BOTHERS ME. Anyone who’s familiar with me and my blog knows one thing for sure. Greg is a guy who loves to cook. He loves to shop for farm to table ingredients, meet local farmers while doing so and share his love for food with an audience. But his passion is about lots more … Continue reading »

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And the winner is…

NAME THAT DOG CONTEST. Thanks to all of you who participated in “Name That Dog” contest here at Great American Adventure. Before our Maltipoo puppy arrived, we decided to get your help picking a name. Hence the contest. Lots of you entered. I received almost a hundred nominations. It’s finally time to announce the puppy’s … Continue reading »

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Pat’s Blueberry Farm…

LET’S STOP. IT’S RIGHT ON THE WAY HOME. Driving home the morning after our wonderful Table in a Kitchen experience, where we enjoyed a five course meal and had a chance to interact with the chef who prepared it, I had a great idea. “Let’s stop at Pat’s Blueberry Farm and get some fresh vegetables,” I … Continue reading »

Categories: Eateries, Florida, Holidays, RV Cooking, Special occasions | 7 Comments

Table in a Kitchen…

COOKING ON THE ROAD. I get a great deal of satisfaction preparing meals for our friends and loved ones. Cooking is our gift to them. We all need to eat…why not make dining on the road an opportunity for interesting conversation and a delight to the senses? It really isn’t difficult. See my post about cooking … Continue reading »

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Music men…

JULY 28, 2016 MIKE IS THE DRUMMER IN A REGGAE BAND. He’s been happily married for more than 30 years. An Assistant Pastor at his Baptist Church, he also plays drums in a Reggae Band. We’re going to watch his group play next Sunday afternoon at the Malibu Lounge right here in Pensacola. Here’s a … Continue reading »

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Like a chicken with its head cut off…

  WHAT’S COME OVER YOU, GREG? “You’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You were so sluggish while you were ill that we’d almost forgotten you could move this fast. So what’s up?” “Here’s the deal. Eight months ago the doctors told my wife I had only a few hours to … Continue reading »

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