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Cold weather in Kerrville…

Posted by on November 15, 2014



For a guy like me who wears shorts 90% of the time, this weather is pretty unwelcome! I even ordered a couple pairs of warm long pants online from Orvis yesterday…can’t wait for them to arrive!

NOVEMBER 15, 2014. IT’S COLD IN KERRVILLE! I’m glad we left Wyoming, pushed through Colorado and headed to Texas when we did. It’s only been a few weeks since we were in Casper and yesterday the temperature there dipped to 27 degrees below zero! I don’t know what we’d have done in that kind of weather. It’s been as much as 30 – 50 degrees below normal this week, from Wyoming and Colorado all the way south to Texas where we are right now. Apparently the cold air has come straight from the polar region. Here in Kerrville, we’ve had high temps in the 40’s and nightly lows of about 26 degrees. This evening there’s a wet fog swirling around our site…what I imagine “London Fog” would be like. The pattern is expected to continue for about the next 6 days. I guess compared to what the rest of the country is experiencing, that’s not bad. But to a couple of travelers from San Diego, that’s bone-chilling cold! (The high temperature back home in San Diego today was a balmy 71 degrees.)

INDOOR HOBBIES ARE IMPORTANT. So, with this weather, we’ve temporarily suspended our sightseeing trips and daily outings. Thank goodness we can be comfortable in our motorhome. And, where we’re staying now, we also have some extra living space in our coach house. How have we kept busy and occupied? No problem. As I’ve opined in the Travel Tips section of this blog, full-timers need to have indoor hobbies for situations just like this. For me…blogging, cooking and reading, to name a few. I’m busily working on upgrading this website and adding what I hope you’re finding to be some interesting new widgets. And reading…I’ve read more books in the last year than in the previous three! Check out my “Recent Reads” page.  I’m also spending time on Amazon, making up for shopping I couldn’t do when we were traveling and didn’t have a very convenient way to get deliveries. A new hobby for me is shopping for premium cigars. One can spend a lot of time on the web carefully reviewing the inventory of a good cigar purveyor! Once the sticks arrive, there’s still work to be done. They need to be properlydog placed in a humidor. Then, the humidity and temperature inside the box must be constantly monitored and adjusted to keep the sticks in their prime. What about Florence? She’s working on her new hobby: knitting. Our “living room” is now cluttered with balls of yarn, knitting needles and even a couple of looms! And she’s always in the middle of at least one mystery novel.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING. And, we’ve also had time to do some early decorating for Christmas. I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived. But, since we’ve been kind of house-bound, we’ve already got a 7 foot Christmas tree in our coach-house…fully decorated with bows, ornaments and little white lights. I’m not going to show it to you yet, though. That just wouldn’t be right before the holiday season actually begins. And Buckhorn Lake Resort where we’re staying is going to be spectacular for the holidays. Lights and decorations are being installed every day…we’ve been watching the progress. I’m guessing they’ll “throw the switch” on Thanksgiving night. Wouldn’t you guess? And the pictures I’ve seen of the holiday parties here…you’ll have to wait for my photos to see what the staff will do here this year.


If there’s a kitchen, I’ve always got a way to keep busy.

AND COOKING, OF COURSE. I’ve also had time and inclination to do a bit more cooking that usual. I’ve found a great little butcher shop nearby and yesterday I grilled a big New York steak that was beyond good! (See my gas grill and meat thermometer recommendations on the Cooking Tips page.) Today I’ve made chicken fajitas and they’re looking good. Next up: Grilled Jumbo Shrimp kebobs served with drawn butter and confetti rice. We haven’t decided whether we’ll attend the Resort’s Thanksgiving dinner in the Red Barn here, but if not I’ll of course go all out and prepare a full-blown traditional dinner. I’m not really sure why I enjoy cooking as much as I do, because it’s a lot of work to do it “right.” But since I do enjoy it, the work always seems to have been worth it. I do miss having a dishwasher, though, that’s for sure!


And thanks for following along with us on our Adventure. I just noticed that this website has had almost 30,000 visitors in the last 16 months! gangstaAnd just today, I had visitors from seven different states in the US and from 3 foreign countries. Unbelievable! All that traffic attests to the interest in full-time motor-home travel. I understand. I get it. Doing what we’re doing is a blast. If you ever have a chance to explore America in a motor-home, climb aboard and do it!


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