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Everything is just fine…

Posted by on September 24, 2015

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

I’M FLATTERED. It’s been a little more than two weeks since I’ve added a new post to my blog, and apparently some of you were getting worried. I’ve probably New Imagereceived a dozen calls and emails in the last few days asking, “Why has it been so long since your last post? Are you guys  all right?” Thanks for your concern! I’m flattered that you’ve noticed. And yes, everything is just fine. Here’s what’s been going on with us.

A MORON ON A LAWNMOWER. We’re in Concord, New Hampshire, having some work done on our coach. A couple of months ago at a park in Rhode Island, some moron on a tractor-mower crashed into our rig while mowing the grass. He dented and scraped one of our slide-outs. I was finally able to get the park’s owner and insurance carrier to accept responsibility, so right now our motorhome is at Camping World being repaired…and we’re at Marriott’s Residence Inn being frustrated. On top of that, I caught some kind of bug and have been a little under the weather…so we haven’t even been doing anything very interesting while we’re waiting to get back our “wheels.” So now you can understand why you’ve not heard from us lately. But don’t worry…in a few days we’ll be back on track with regular, frequent posts about our Great American Adventure.



Look at this Bozo: He’s texting on his phone while mowing the grass! No wonder he slammed into our motorhome and put a big ding on the side of it!


New Hampshire State House in Concord. At least, we’ve been in a beautiful city while cooling our heels and waiting for our motorhome repairs to be finished.


We’ll get our coach back from the body shop in a few days. Then we’re heading to a little town in southern Vermont, where we’ll begin our search for photo-ops to capture the famous Fall foliage. Figuring out the perfect time to catch peak foliage color in New England requires a leap of faith, since weather conditions such as rainfall and nighttime temperatures all play a part in determining when and where the annual show will start. And of course temperature and moisture are different each year. The margin of error is massive. That makes it difficult to plan where to be and when to be there.

leafWe’re not concerned, though, because as we begin our month-long drive south to our winter home in Gulf Shores, millions of acres of deciduous trees will turn brilliant shades of red, gold and orange for a show unrivaled anywhere. When coupled with beautiful farms, quiet country roads, pristine villages, lakes and streams, our upcoming “leaf peeping experience” promises to be a special part of our Adventure.


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