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Easter 2014: Exploring Bryce Canyon, Utah…

Posted by on April 20, 2014

Easter 2014. Bryce Canyon National Park.

APRIL 20, 2014

EASTER SUNDAY. We set aside today to explore Bryce Canyon National Park. However, since it’s Easter Sunday we hoped we could also find a church service to attend. Problem is, in the little town of Cannonville where we’re camped, the only church is Mormon. Since we’re not members we can’t attend services there. Exceptions aren’t made. Here’s a true story. I have a friend who went to school at BYU. He met a girl, converted to Mormonism and married her. His own non-Mormon parents couldn’t even attend their son’s wedding in the church. Oh well, we can celebrate the resurrection on our own and rejoice in the opportunity we’ve been given to explore America in our motor-home.

Easter Eggs 2

These colored Easter eggs were on our picnic table this morning…no kidding! And we didn’t put ’em there.

A BEAUTIFUL MORNING. First thing this morning the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I was glad to see that, as I’m sure there are folks attending sunrise services in the area. Then, as I opened our front door (ok, we only have one door) I noticed some…could it be…colored Easter eggs on our picnic table. Apparently the park owner or manager had put a little Easter gift on each campsite’s table. A nice touch. It does matter at these RV parks when the staff seems genuinely glad to host us. We set out from our campsite about 10:30 under scattered clouds in the sky. In the east it looked a bit threatening but hey, we’ve gotta’ take the weather as we find it. Our drive through Bryce Canyon was good…although probably not as spectacular as it would have been had the sun been shining. We stopped at a view point area and had lunch…mozzarella cheese sticks, hard-boiled eggs and apples…and then headed to the Park’s signature spot: Inspiration Point. As luck would have it, the clouds drifted away and the sun came out…which allowed a view of a dramatic valley consisting of uninterrupted rock chimney formations and towering spires…very impressive.

As we drove back to our campground, I thought about how different…and nice for a change…our day was, compared to Easter Sunday every year in the past. Usually I’d spend hours in the kitchen preparing a special dinner…something I love to do. But spending the day today in a beautiful spot as we did and having cheese and apples for lunch…well that was a very special way to celebrate Easter this year!


Welcome to Bryce Canyon National Park.


Inspiration Point at Bryce Canyon. This is the most photographed spot in the park…for good reason.

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