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Going home…

Posted by on July 10, 2017

IT’S TIME TO GO HOME. We’ve been traveling and living in our motorcoach about four years now, and it’s time to go home. We’ve seen this great country from coast to coast. We’ve been to the beach at the Pacific, the Atlantic and on the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve stayed at beaches, in the mountains, along streams near waterfalls and in desert areas. We’ve gone boating in beautiful lakes and experienced the Fall colors in New England. We’ve met some remarkable folks and many have become friends. We’ve survived some real challenges and had some great celebrations, but it’s time to go home.

BUT THERE’S A CATCH. Where’s home? When we left San Diego four years ago, we sold our home in Deerhorn Valley. For years now, our motorhome has been home. And now we’re ready once again for a more traditional one, as in “house.” As we’ve explored this country we’ve given lots of thought to where we’d ultimately like to retire. There are so many wonderful states and cities, it’s hard to pick. Beach or mountains? Big city or little town? Temperature? Weather? We’re always hard pressed to answer the inevitable question we’re asked, “What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?” But, we’ve pretty much made up our minds. Oregon will become our new home.

OREGON OR BUST. We’ve been to Oregon many times, both before and during our Great American Adventure. The very first trip we took in our first motorhome was to the Oregon coast. We’d planned a three week trip and we ended up staying for almost two months. The scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. There aren’t a lot of people and the congestion caused when too many of them get together in the same place. More folks live in San Diego County than in the entire state of Oregon! The rivers and streams are abundant and so are the fish that populate them. The climate ranges from arid in the east to tropical in the northwest to temperate in many other areas. There’s lots of rain, but that’s what makes the state so green and lush. and the temperatures aren’t extreme. So, we’re heading to Oregon and we’ve made reservations for the winter at a beautiful park in Salem, the capitol. Of all the places we’ve been in the state, we perhaps enjoyed the Salem area the best. We’ll see what awaits us.

There are eleven lighthouses on the Oregon coast. We’ve visited about six of them.

OUR ADVENTURE CONTINUES. But this is certainly not the last you’ll hear from us. No way. We’ve got lots of real estate to cover between here and there and we intend to take a good look at it. We’re not scheduled to arrive in Oregon until mid-November, so we’ve got four months to “show you around” before then. Our plan is to return to Kentucky and Tennessee, two of the most picturesque states we’ve discovered in the nation. Then we’ll take a look around Arkansas and perhaps see the Clinton Library. After that, we’ll just meander west, stopping to see whatever strikes our fancy. We’ll keep posting about our trip and hope you’ll keep following us as we move along.

The Chetco River: One of our favorite places in Oregon.

OREGON COAST. These are some pictures of the Oregon coastline. Isn’t it breathtaking? I remember stopping to take pictures of a scene like this and remarking that, “This is about the most beautiful place in the world.” We’d get back in our RV and within about a mile there would be another equally beautiful spot. This happened all the way from Brookings in the south to Astoria almost to the Washington border.




UMPQUA RIVER.  This is one of the principal rivers of the Oregon Coast. These pictures were taken near the town of Roseburg, another spot we’re considering. I’m going to have to brush up on my fishing skills and perhaps get a little boat to launch at different spots around the state. It seems as if wherever you drive in Oregon you see “Boat Launch” signs along the side of the roads.




SALEM, OREGON AREA. Located in the western region of Oregon, Salem is the state capital and the county seat of Marion County. The city has a population around 154,000 and is the third-largest city in Oregon. Salem is less than an hour’s drive from Oregon’s largest city, Portland. And it’s only an hour’s drive in a different direction to the coast. The road winds through scenic farmland and then twists through the forest. The perfect day trip! And the Willamette River runs through the west side. The city has a mix of beautiful scenery and bustling business.





SO, HERE WE GO. We’ll stop at a few spots in Alabama and then drive to some gorgeous country in Tennessee. We’ll see you in a few days at Gunter Hill Campground near Montgomery, Alabama. You’re going to enjoy it!


I’ll continue my story next time.

8 Responses to Going home…

  1. Kitty

    So happy to hear you’re finally back on the road. We’re hoping to explore OR soon, your pictures make me want to do it sooner rather than later. Stop by if you’re up our way. Safe travels.

  2. Randy HOWE

    Curious you mentioned Roseburg as an alternative city to Salem. That is where my Dad was determined to move our family shortly after WWII ended. He made quite a study of the climate etc. and was convinced Roseburg was the place to be. Then his business started to boom during the post war economic rally and he decided to wait ‘one more year’ and have a bigger nest egg. We never moved and he finally passed away years ago still living in north county.

  3. David Yetter

    Congratulations!!! I’m glad your health has returned and you have a plan. That “plan is the hardest part. We will be in Livingston, Tx through August and then in Prescott, AZ for Sept-Oct. If you happen our way we would love to see you.


  4. Greg Alford

    Hi Kitty. We’re really glad to be moving again! You will be thrilled when you visit Oregon. More than 10 years ago, when we purchased our first motor home, we set out on a short vacation to see the Oregon coast. We stayed about five times longer than we’d planned. It’s gorgeous as are most of the other areas in the state. If we’re headed your way we’ll stop to see you guys for sure. Flathead Lake is about our favorite, perhaps even more so than Lake Tahoe where we summered for years.

  5. Greg Alford

    Hey Randy. I mentioned Roseburg because on a previous visit to Oregon we met a realtor who showed us around quite a bit and he, also, raved about it having the very best weather. I think Salem is a more likely spot for us, but we’ll see. We’ve been considering Oregon quite a while. In fact, you and I discussed it many years ago after Board of Directors meeting…remember that?

  6. Greg Alford

    Hi there David, my oldest friend in the whole world. (We met 65 years ago in Kindergarten.) Hope you are doing fine and yes, if we’re in either area during the time frames you mentioned we’ll stop to see you for sure. Having been to Prescott a few times, I’d particularly like to see your lake house. From the pictures I’ve seen it looks fabulous! Please say hello to Ruthie for me. I’d sure like to see you both again!

  7. Jill L Powell

    Hey you two kids, I’m glad you are back “On the road again”. I’ve missed the beautiful pics you post and look forward to the upcoming ones. Oregon? When you returned home from that first visit and we were chat ‘n over the fence (literally for you other folks reading this) if I recall correctly that area was love at first site. Safe travels and look out for deer.

  8. Greg Alford

    Hi Jill…so great to hear from you. I can easily get myself into a frump when I think about Deerhorn Valley and all the good times and good neighbors it meant for so long! And that means you. Absence makes the heart grow. We miss seeing you every day! As to Oregon, your memory is good. We went up there with motorhome number one and came back gushing about moving there one day. There’s lots of rain, but of course that’s why everything is green and lush and the rivers are full. Thanks for following along with us. We’ll try to be entertaining. Say hello to Dawn and her crew for us.

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