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Happy Birthday, Paul…

Posted by on March 8, 2015


MARCH 8, 2015

LET ME INTRODUCE THE BIRTHDAY BOY. One of the nicest things about our stay at Buckhorn Lake this winter has been meeting and getting to know our “casita-neighbors” Paul Lozano and his wife JoAnn. They own the property right across the street from where we’re staying. They’ve welcomed us and made us feel like part of their family. We’ll be hard-pressed to meet another couple along the way whose company we enjoy as much.

image1_retouchedMAMMA MIA! WHAT A CELEBRATION. Paul and his extended family really know how to throw a party! Whew…a full weekend of celebrations for his sixtieth birthday are just winding down today. This was the lineup.

A CONCERT IN THE BIG RED BARN. Friday evening, Paul’s Rock N’ Soul band entertained several hundred of us in the big red barn. My man is the drummer and he was surrounded on stage by bass and lead guitar players, a man on the keyboard and a singer who really brings their talents together and shows off the music they create. We’d all been looking forward to the event, but I for one had no idea how good the band was going to be. Wow! They rocked the place, played music everyone loved and kept us in awe for about an hour after the event was scheduled to end. If they’d tried to pack it up and leave any sooner, I don’t think the crowd would have allowed it. Rock N’ Soul was that good!


The barn’s pretty big. Paul and his band filled it for his birthday concert.

DINNER AT THE CLUBHOUSE. On Saturday, the birthday boy hosted a second birthday celebration in the clubhouse. Probably 50 or 60 of us were treated to legitimate home made Italian fare, highlighted by pan after pan of baked ziti and Italian gravy made by Bob and Laura. Bob’s a former professional chef, whose married to Paul’s sister Laura. What a team. I’m such a well-known “wanna be chef” around here that Florence and I were given a  chance to help with the dinner prep. Starting first thing Saturday morning we played sous chefs, chopping and dicing and trying to make ourselves useful as we watched how a couple of real pros cook for a crowd. We had a blast and it gave us a chance to get to know Laura and Bob…another couple of folks so interesting and charming we’ll miss having a chance to see them again soon. And Paul’s whole extended family was on hand to assist and celebrate all weekend long. Parents, kids, aunts and uncles…you name it and they were there. It was heartwarming to see them all together happily sharing in the special weekend-long celebrations. Just how a family should be. Impressive.


Paul at his percussion station. Can’t quite tell if he’s playing those drums or falling asleep!


The guy is amazing…He’s got a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, works full time, is active in local charity work, plays in a band and gets up to Buckhorn with JoAnn frequently to spend time in their beautiful motorhome. I don’t know what he does in his free time!


San Antonio’s own Rock N’ Soul band. These guys are good!


This is about a third of the crowd. Florence and I are right in the middle of the photo, in front of the fireplace. She’s wearing black and I’m on her right, wearing a tan jacket.


New Image

Here’s Chef Bob seasoning his made-from-scratch and simmered-all-day marinara sauce.

New Image_retouched

Florence admiring the salad she made for the party.

New Image

Tastes pretty good to me!

















We hope we can be here to celebrate again with you next year. But even if our Adventure finds us somewhere else in March, our paths will cross again. We’ll make sure of that. And who knows, we may still be traveling  by the time you get ready to retire. Then you guys can get in that big beautiful motorhome of yours and join us on the road for awhile. Stranger things have happened, you know. In the meantime, Happy Trails!

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