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“Hello, Goodbye.”

Posted by on August 17, 2016

HELLO, GOODBYE. One of the most enjoyable parts of being on an extended RV adventure is meeting people. One of the least enjoyable realities of being on anhello extended RV adventure is saying goodbye to people. “Hello, Goodbye!”  Here’s how the Beetles sang it: “You say yes, I say no / You say stop and I say go go go, oh no / You say goodbye and I say hello.”  It seems as if often when I’m just getting to know a fellow traveler, just learning about his thoughts and the reasons, just starting to hear about his hobbies, one of us will continue our adventure and head down the road again.

BILL GREEN AND I HIT IT OFF. It was late in the day when Bill and his wife pulled in to the RV site next to ours. The heat all day had been almost unbearable, and Florence and I were tired. We’d been busy with our new puppy, we were too tired to prepare dinner yet too grubby to go to a restaurant…you know the feeling. Only because it’s the right thing to do, sort of a ritual that RV travelers practice, that I walked “next door” and said hello to Bob. The protocol is that when someone arrives in the park to a site near yours, you say hello and offer to help. (I of course am good at the saying hello part, while Florence is the only one of us capable of actually helping with the park specific “hook-up” choices that need to be made.)

ISLAND GLASS ART.  Bill is a pharmacist. Or at least he was until he retired 15 years ago and created the online enterprise called Island Glass Art. He’s an artist, a craftsman. He specializes in the unique art of etched, sand-carved and painted glass trophies used as awards for fishing tournaments. And along with creating unique fishing tournament trophies, he’s developed a line of crystal wine and old fashioned glasses.









HAPPY TRAILS. And then, the very next morning he’s gone. He’s back on the road. In his case headed to a class reunion where he’ll meet with his old high school buddies to reminisce about old times. Before he and I got a chance to make new friends.

THANKS AGAIN. Thanks for meeting Bill with me. Thanks for being with us on our Great American Adventure. As always, for being with Florence and me on our Journey across America.

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I’ll continue my story next time.

18 Responses to “Hello, Goodbye.”

  1. Jon York

    Bob? Or Bill?

  2. Greg Alford

    Is there a typo? I don’t see one. I’m tempted to say that you’d best stick to flying jet aircraft as a Navy Captain, but I’ve been wrong before. Let me know if I’m right and admit your error if I’m not. Good hearing from you sir. I’ve got the camera battery in the charger.

  3. Susan

    Yes there is a typo. Is his name Bill or Bob?

  4. barbara

    You did call Bill Bob once. In the paragraph where you said you hit it off right away you said you walked over to say hi to Bob

  5. Jon York

    You started off saying Bill but in the body of the text you referred to him as Bob. You edited out all of the Bob’s except the sixth line, second paragraph. I was a Marine Captain. Take care.

    BILL GREEN AND I HIT IT OFF. It was late in the day when Bill and his wife

    door” and said hello to Bob.–Sixth line, second paragraph

    I may not be a paid wordsmith but I can proof read with the best.

    So there.

  6. Jon York

    I think we got him Barbara. As I remember in the original he referred to him as Bob several times in the body. The wily rascal saw my comment and edited, but missed one Bob. Come on Greg, give it up.

  7. Annie Skarie

    Your personal “proof reader” said you did. Watch it there bub. Your proof reading fairy is reading. LOL

  8. Greg Alford

    Oh you guys! Will you never stop trying to win this game? Barbara, a word to the wise, you’re new to GAA but let me tell you a thing or two about my Army friend John Yurk. He’s forever correcting my spelling errors, referring to himself as a Navy Pilot when he’s actually in the Marine Core…you get the idea. You should read the introductory posts here on my blog, Barb. There you’ll find that 70 percent of what you read here is tongue-in-cheek self depreciating humor. But the other 30 percent is serious, inspiring and thought-provoking. So, to be candid rather than callous, Jon York, USMC Captain combat pilot who flew dozens of missions in Vietnam, is the finest guy you’d ever want to meet. His bag of marbles keeps getting lighter and lighter, but no matter: He’s a fine guy!

  9. Greg Alford

    Oh, by the way (and before I get to you, Sue) there’s just one more thing. I’m pretty sure there remains to this moment one previously uncorrected reference to Bob. Hmmmm, I wonder why Greg would have left that goof? Or was it? Ponder that why you plan your next attack on my veracity and verbal/grammatical skills!

  10. Greg Alford

    Next up, batting zero in her first Major League appearance here at GAA, is Susan. Welcome, little lady. I sense that the chatter is slowing down because you and the rest of your cohorts are slowly coming to the collective realization that, try as you might, you can’t stop a speeding train, even if you can still leap tall buildings with a single bound. So, as to not be impolite to Sue (you go by “Sue” don’t you) I’ll respond to her. But I’ll simply state that, “Susan, read all of the replies I’ve already posted. If you still have questions, please feel free to not contact me.”

  11. Greg Alford

    OMG. Now even my paid proof-reading staff is correcting me! Annie, how could you? But, if you insist on playing ball answer me this: Your reference to “bub” would make that bub person’s name a proper noun. Last time I checked my dog-eared marked up copy of the “Grammar and Style Workbook” the rule was that all proper nouns are capitalized. Always!

  12. Greg Alford

    Request permission to resume combat mission at dark o’clock in the morning, sir.”

  13. Jon York

    That would be O Dark Thirty, in fighter pilot parlance, sir. Give it up, you lost this round.

  14. Greg Alford

    I’d respond but old days like you retire early. I’m sure you’re down for the count. In other words, “YOU LOSE!!!”

  15. Greg Alford

    Old guys. Not old days. Might as well get that cleared up right now, before you start at me again in the morning, Captain York.

  16. Greg Alford

    New day. Same hecklers. What’s a blogger like me supposed to do?

  17. Jon York

    How ’bout admitting we got you, this time. Or, you could go back to sleep. I’m shutting down now, gotta go to the dogs. Cheers!!

  18. Greg Alford

    Okay, if you insist. But just this one time, my friend. Have a nice walk with the dogs. Be careful, I think it’s going to be very humid again today.

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