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Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort…

Posted by on November 6, 2017

WAS THIS A GOOD IDEA?  As we drove the seven mile road to Hidden Valley Ranch outside the little town of Deming, New Mexico, we wondered if we’d made a mistake. The spot is a working cattle and horse ranch located far, far off the beaten path. The dirt road leading to the ranch is so wash-boarded that it took us over an hour to drive to the ranch. Was it going to be worth it? We’d heard from others that it was, but as we drove that road at a snail’s pace we wondered. Turns out that the drive was well worth the effort.

HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH RV RESORT. The resort is nestled in the high New Mexican desert, surrounded by the foothills of the Cooke’s Mountain Range. It’s but a small portion of 7,000 acres of open BLM range, framed by endless skies. Here we found quiet solitude, desert beauty and diverse wildlife. There are no trains rumbling in the night or trucks engaging jake-brakes as they exit the highway. Just the occasional howl of a coyote or the whistle of the wind. The ranch is a star-gazers dream. The skies are forever, and not interrupted by city lights. Being a working ranch, we saw cattle being sorted, counted and tagged. Molly was introduced to horses, cows, calves, bulls and ponies. We fed carrots to the horses and generally felt as if we were at a dude ranch. What fun!


Don’t get too close to these fellas! Molly just stared.


THE ROAD TO THE RANCH.  Imagine one of those machines you see in the gym on which old ladies stand, strap a belt around their rear-ends and hit the switch.  The machine violently wiggles the gals’ butts. I don’t think it does a bit of good, but I’m sure the gals feel as if they’ve accomplished something. In any event, the motion of our coach creeping down the road reminded me of those exercise belt machines. We literally couldn’t go any faster than about four or five miles per hour.


Comical signs like this one lured us down the long dirt road.


The scenery from the road leading to the ranch was beautiful and dramatic. But it was a long, slow seven mile drive in our motorhome. Even though the road looks smooth in this photo, it was actually all wash-boarded and very bumpy-jerky! 


“Come on, just a little bit farther.”


We’re almost there…with views like this, we know we’re going to like the place.  


Things are looking up. The end is in sight.


Here we are! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a working cattle-horse ranch until now. 


THE LAND IS A TREASURE.  “Our family welcomes your family. We consider this land a treasure and want to maintain it for your enjoyment as well as the future enjoyment of others.” -Shanon Nunn, the rancher who owns this property and operates a cattle ranch on the surrounding 7,000 acres of pristine, unspoiled high desert land in New Mexico. The air is clean, the sky is blue by day and pitch black at night except for millions of stars that shine brilliantly in the darkness. It’s quiet. In the late afternoon, the sun casts shadows on the surrounding mountains and the atmosphere seems almost reverent. The folks who live here like it just the way it is.



Shanon Nunn, the rancher who owns the 7,00 acre property and the RV park. He stopped by to personally welcome us and offer any assistance we might need. He and his family operate this low tech ranch as it was done in the old days in the Wild West. The cattle aren’t chipped and they aren’t rounded up with ATV’s. It’s done the old fashioned way, on horseback.


The whole extended Nunn family work the ranch. Many folks we’ve met here arrived years ago with the plan to stay a month. They’re still here. They say a big part of their decision was based upon how much they like and respect this family.


No formal landscaping here, but the desert has its own special beauty.


This one doesn’t have any blooms. Don’t know why…it’s located right next to the other one.


Roadrunners, rabbits, mule deer, bobcats and rattlesnakes are commonly seen in the area. Also, those huge “rabbits” with long ears romp around the park. I always call them Jackalopes, but I don’t really know what they are. Do you? 


MORE TO COME.  We’re enjoying our stay at Hidden Valley Ranch. I’ll show you more in a day or two: Off roading with the Jeep, the town of Deming and the Village of Hatch, which is the chili capital of the world! We may even take a day trip to Mexico or drive to Las Cruces. So come back and see us soon. Or better yet, subscribe to my blog and receive email notice each time there’s a new post.

I’ll continue my story next time.

4 Responses to Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort…

  1. Jon York

    They are Jackrabbits.

  2. Steve Hanleigh

    Are all the folks “trumpers”? 🙂

    You better get in touch with me when you reach the west coast, wherever your are….we need to share a beer, or some kind of rotgut wine, as well as some good stuff…I have an on the beach town house in Monterey, with a big parking lot nearby!

  3. Greg Alford

    Steve, you can go to the bank with that one!

  4. Greg Alford

    Jon: Those rabbits are bigger than my dog!

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