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Today we met some die-hard Susan Boyle fans!

Posted by on October 21, 2014

OCTOBER 21, 2014: Learn from the past. Set vivid goals for the future and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: Now.”

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS. We finally arrived in San Antonio and we’re scheduled to check into our new winter home at Buckman Lake Resort in a few days. While we wait for our spot there to become available, we’re staying at another little park in the city. And I’m glad we’re here: We met some really fun people today. As I’ve said all along, our Great American Adventure is every bit as much about meeting interesting people as it is about seeing the country. Today was a perfect example. What fun…keep reading.


Then: “Britain’s Got Talent.” April 2009.

REMEMBER SUSAN BOYLE? Who could forget the video we all watched back in 2009 when 47 year old Scottish singer Susan Boyle took the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent?” Her delivery of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables launched her to international stardom. Laughed at and sneered by an audience that initially judged her on her appearance and age alone, she brought everyone in the house to a standing ovation before she even finished the song’s opening phrase. That appearance… the power and inspiration of her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice, the story of triumph over adversity she told at that audition, generated warm hearts, teary eyes and more than 2.5 million You Tube views in the first 72 hours alone. Within four short years, Boyle had sold over 19 million albums worldwide and gone on to become a massive musical success.


Now: USA Tour. October 2014.

REAL SUSAN BOYLE FANS. So here’s what’s so fun about all of this. We rolled into an RV park in San Antonio a few days ago. The super-friendly gal in the site next to us caught our attention when we noticed a large banner draped across the front of her motorhome. It read: “Susan Boyle Rocks.” Huh? “What’s that all about?” we wondered. Well, here’s the deal. Our neighbor is Jeanenne. She’s a young-looking mom, grandma and great grandmother from Richmond, Texas. She’s been “gobsmacked” by Susan Boyle…the person and the voice. She’s a real fan!


Susan Boyle banner on the “hood” of Jeanenne’s motorhome.

HERE’S THE HOOT. Jeanenne is here to see Susan live in  concert tonight. And what’s absolutely a hoot is this: She’s been joined by four other fan-friends…who’ve literally traveled from their homes all over the world: Canada, England, Australia and Switzerland. I’m not kiddin’ you! The girls range in age from thirty-something to more than 70 years old. After attending tonight’s concert, they’ll all pile into Jeanenne’s motorhome and “follow Susan’s U.S. concert tour.” They’ll travel from here to Missouri, Kentucky and finally to Atlanta, Georgia.  Cheering. Supporting. Lugging “Flat Susan” along with them. Can you believe it? They’re having a blast. And we had a blast kiddin’ around with ’em and taking these photos.

HERE THEY ARE. Five adventurous, adoring fans, having fun driving around the country following Susan Boyle. Supporting her and all she represents. “Have a great time, girls. Thanks for sharing a bit of your fun with us. And travel safely!”


Our neighbors…true Susan Boyle fans, on the morning of the San Antonio concert. That’s “Flat Susan,” second from the right. She’s made of cardboard…gets folded and put in a travel box between shows. Check out her Trademark red “boa” and Boyle Tartan.




Do you remember watching that You Tube video for the very first time? How many times have you watched it since then? Come on, be honest. Wow! What an audition! And what an inspiration Susan Boyle has been to so many people around the world ever since that night, including the fans we met in San Antonio today.




“Flat Susan” hasn’t missed even one of the concerts on the U. S. Tour!



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