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Mesa, Arizona

Posted by on December 4, 2013

We are staying at the Tower Point RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona. It is a resort community rather than a campground. Although we intend to camp 90% of the time we’re on the road,


Tower Point Resort, Mesa, Arizona

we stopped here in Mesa because we needed a Camping World store, a Target and a few others that weren’t available in the places we’ve previously visited. We didn’t really come to “camp” per se. The people in this resort are unbelievably friendly. We hadn’t been here more than an hour when 2 of our “neighbors” came by to introduce themselves. This morning anotherĀ  neighbor came to see us and along with him was the resort’s


All these high-end RV Resorts like Tower Point have very nice amenities like this Clubhouse.

Chaplain. I don’t know if he decided we needed his prayers or what, but he as the others he was a very nice guy. Another fellow had a big basket of fresh oranges he got somewhere or picked himself. Anyway he was giving them away and made sure to offer some to us. There are about 1,000 spaces in this park, the majority of which are occupied by folks who own little tiny homes which have an adjacent RV space. They have a place here to call home so when they are on the road and need to see doctors or something like that the can “go home.”Ā  The place has a real feeling of community. We’re only here for a few days but if ever in the area again we’ll come back for sure. There are tennis courts, pickle ball courts and there’s also a well equipped gym. Two swimming pools, two jacuzzis, several clubhouses tastefully decorated, a wood shop, a restaurant…essentially everything one might want. Another thing we witnessed this evening and have before is that the sunsets in this state are truly unbelievable. We saw a striking one at the lake in Surprise as well. I don’t know what it is about the atmosphere in Arizona that produces such beautiful sunsets but it is something that our San Diego can’t match.

Soon we’re off to Sedona. We haven’t been there since our honeymoon, and that was a long, long time ago. We have reservations to camp in an area that is supposed to be spectacular so I’m anxious to get there. Lots to see and do…

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