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Early November, 2015. We came to Florida earlier than we expected. Specifically, we were in Connecticut in mid-October and learned that we needed yet another repair…this time we feared the large, driver side slide-out floor needed to be replaced. Since winter was setting in and all the RV facilities were winterizing coaches, we couldn’t find anyone to help us and even if we could have, time didn’t permit us to stay any longer in New England because of the weather. Florence located a top notch RV dealership (the old Monaco plant) near The Villages/Wildwood in Central Florida, so off we went. The good news is that we didn’t need a 5 week-long $15,000 repair. The bad news is that even so, we spent a pretty penny and were detained a total of two weeks. So, our arrival in Gulf Shores was an entire week late. Oh, well. Anyhow, my pictures of Florida are not nearly as complete as they’ll be when we finally explore the state (perhaps next year) and see what it has to offer. But we did manage to find one very interesting thing to do while our repairs were being done. We drove a half hour to Ocala, in Marion County and toured some of the absolutely incredible thoroughbred horse farms there. Marion County is the fourth largest thoroughbred breeding, breaking and training facility in the world. See my post dated early November, 2015 for some information about this fascinating area.

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