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Ocean Shores, Washington…

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Shops on the boardwalk at Ocean Shores. 

JUNE 9, 2014

Meandering up the coast en route to the northernmost tip of Washington State, we stopped today at Ocean Shores, a little town in Grays Harbor County. We hadn’t planned to stay here, but it appears too good to be true, so we’ll stay a few days before continuing. We’re boondocking right on the beach, adjacent to the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, named for the Quinault Indians who’ve lived on this land for hundreds of years. That’s right, folks… we’ve got an uninterrupted ocean view, no neighbors, no formal campground, no buildings, no rules and no charge! What a deal. We’ve learned from experience so far that we can comfortably camp for up to a week without any utilities, so we’re set!

We’re camping in an isolated spot of our own, but we’re close to all that this little oceanfront community has to offer.  It’s a six mile long peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Grays Harbor. There are two fresh water lakes, 23 miles of canals and there’s an old growth rain forest in the middle of the City. With six miles of sandy beaches, the ocean is the main attraction, but there’s lots more to see and do. More than 250 species of birds are found during the year and deer roam the city neighborhoods. There are restaurants and quaint little shops to peruse. We’re told this is one of Washington’s favorite getaways. If I lived here, I’d come here…lots!


The view from the window above Florence’s desk in the RV.


A beach cottage at Ocean Shores, Washington. June, 2014.


The beach is right in front of our camp spot. I can hear the waves and smell the salt sea air. That’s good! I get a bit anxious when I’m away from the ocean too long.


We had an early dinner here tonight, with a view of the ocean. It doesn’t get dark ’til about 9:30 pm, so we had an extra-long day to enjoy the beach.


We drove to the beach today…literally! Now here’s an activity that doesn’t happen back home in San Diego for sure.


The beach where we’re camping is the perfect place for a long walk…a very long walk! The beach seems to go on forever.


The GPS in the Jeep says it all as far as our location. The green area is forest, the blue is ocean and the yellow is the beach. As you can see, we’re right on the sand.


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