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Off road with the Jeep…

Posted by on December 2, 2013


Jeeps in a row

I met a couple of “Jeepers” and they took me on a mini-caravan. It was a blast! I’m right behind the red Jeep. We stopped here and turned around. Even the experienced Jeepers weren’t ready to attempt getting over that big rock. I got nervous just looking at it!


Florence and I bounced around driving in this dry creek bed for hours. Bensen, Arizona in November, 2013. The blue sky with white puffy clouds is typical for Arizona.

In June, we bought a Jeep Wrangler Sahara to use as our tow vehicle on the trip. It’s designed for heavy duty off-roading but is one step below the Rubicon model. I’d have been interested in that one except I’d have needed a pogo stick just to get inside of the thing! Anyway, I’ve been driving our Jeep around town just like a regular passenger car ever since we bought it. When we got to Sedona, we found a road leading to some rock formations so we took the Jeep to learn about off-road driving. The thing has 4 separate all wheel drive gears and feels like it will climb right up a wall. I’m still driving a bit tentatively but I’m sure I’ll get bolder as time passes. After all, this is a “bucket list” trip for me. I met a couple of “Jeepers” in Sedona who offered to let me tag along with them, so I did. They were really instructive…there’s a fraternity of Jeep owners, it seems. I’m looking forward to meeting others along the road and getting more confident about driving. We didn’t buy the vehicle to take Sunday drives, after all. Florence and I found a dry river bed and had a blast sharing the cockpit and bouncing around for an afternoon. As more and more we get “out of town” and into the country we are finding that there’s lots of Nature and excitement out there to explore. We’re absolutely convinced, even at this early stage of our Adventure, that we’ve made the right decision and that this Journey is going to be the highlight of our lives! The freedom, the novelty, the adventure…all of this is turning out to make this trip exciting on a daily basis!

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