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Our new puppy…

Posted by on July 24, 2016

maltipooJULY 24, 2016. We’ve been wanting a traveling companion for a long time. We’ve debated whether it should be a cat or a dog. We can’t comfortably have large dogs like our German Shepherds back at Deerhorn Valley. Remember them? Well, we’ve finally decided that our new pet should be a dog, but a motorhome size.

WHICH DOG IS BEST? There are as many opinions about this topic as there are dog owners who are traveling in their motorhomes. There’s not a right or wrong answer. There are myriad factors to consider. I won’t bore you with the details of our assessment but rather I’ll get right to the point.


Our puppy will fly non-stop from Oklahoma to Florida on United Airlines Flight 442, arriving Thursday at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time. 

A MALTIPOO IS THE DOG FOR US. We’ve selected our puppy from a breeder in Oklahoma. That’s quite a distance from Florida so travel arrangements have been made. Our little puppy, now ten weeks old , will travel on United Airlines flight 4412 arriving at Pensacola International Airport this coming Thursday  at exactly 6:00 PM, Central Standard Time. Believe it or not she will be accompanied by a Nanny! I don’t understand why in the world she needs a Nanny but I suppose anything to reduce the stress for the puppy makes sense. She’ll travel in a crate, strategically placed in a climate-controlled interior section of the airplane. Sounds like first class accommodations to me! I’ve personally never flown first class, and I’m going to check with my friend Diane, a long-time airline executive about what the arrangements exactly will be. Anyway, that’s what I know so far.

THE BREED. This amazing canine is one of the most lovable, loyal, funny, friendly, happy, obedient, and beautiful dogs in the world. It can be found in a wide range of luscious colors and will range in size from the teeny tiny to sturdy small teddy bear size.

OUR LITTLE GIRL. She is the smallest baby girl in her litter. Her mom is a stunning Maltese and daddy a handsome red Toy Poodle. She is an F1 Apricot Maltipoo and her teddy bear face absolutely melted our hearts. My friend Steve Striker in San Diego “called it” when he commented about her on my Facebook page.   The breeder tells us that she holds her own with her big brothers and sisters and that she will be comfortable traveling everywhere we wish to go. That works out pretty well for us, since she’ll be along for the duration of our Great American Adventure.puppy4



MORE TO COME. I’ll obviously have lots to say about our puppy once she arrives. We’ve not named her because we want to see her up close and personal before doing so. We want to judge her personality and get suggestions from you for a name. Now is the time, folks, to give us your thoughts by leaving a comment at the end of this post. My Facebook friends have inundated me with suggestions. Let’s see if you guys can match them.

JOIN US AGAIN SOON. And until then, be good to yourself. Hug your kids and do a random act of kindness. Put a smile on your face and embrace the day God has given you. Because though you think you know what tomorrow will bring, you don’t. My story is evidence to the contrary.

New Image

I’ll continue my story next time.


2 Responses to Our new puppy…

  1. Ryan Gravador

    She’s wonderful Greg and we look forward to hearing what you and Florence name her!

  2. Greg Alford

    Now you know why your phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook with calls from me every time I have some silly question about my website that can’t wait. LOL. I’ve been busy getting ready for our puppy. But Ryan, don’t get complacent…my questions haven’t gone away and you’re the best one I’ve found to help. So you’re stuck with me.

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