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A quick stop in Las Vegas…

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Sunset Station is one of the “off-strip” casinos frequented by the locals. We were impressed…all the Las Vegas action without the hassle and parking nightmares on the Strip.

APRIL 7, 2014. Before heading out for some boon-docking at Lake Meade and in Utah’s national parks, I needed to stop in a real live “city” to get some computer repair work done. I also wanted to have my Addison amplifier installed in the Jeep, to upgrade the OEM system.  What better a place than Las Vegas, right? Bingo! The amp is now installed, the sound is awesome and my computer is again in tip-top shape after the geek I hired got rid of “Windows of Death.” (If you’re running Windows 8, be careful!)

“OFF-THE-STRIP ACTION.” We stayed at a nice RV park just outside the City, near some of the “off-strip casinos” frequented by the locals. One of them is the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. I’ve heard for years that these smaller casinos compete favorably with the “biggies” on the Strip. Having stayed right in the thick of things on the Strip so many times in the past, we decided to try Sunset Station. The place is nice…not quite as “glitzy” as the MGM Grand or the others, but bright, colorful and lively. The buffet was far better than average and cost just a pittance of what’s charged at the well known spots. The gaming is the same everywhere: Lots of table games and row after row of new slots. I’m glad we went…now we have a feel for what the locals do for nightlife when they don’t want to fight the crowds.

HOWEVER, ONE LAST DRIVE DOWN THE STRIP. We probably won’t return to Las Vegas. That’s OK…we’ve been here many times and what’s in store for us…well, it’s Our Great American Adventure!

NEW FRIENDS FROM MONTANA. One of the way-cool things about this RV lifestyle is meeting all the other travelers along the way. The folks in the spot next to ours here in Las Vegas, Kay and Terry, are from Montana. After hearing them describe the scenery “back home” I’m more motivated than ever to visit that State.  Terry is a pilot and has his own plane, so if we play our cards right maybe we can coax him into giving us a ride into the “way back country.” I’m terrified of heights and the idea of flying in a small plane makes me crazy, but what the heck, this is a “bucket-list adventure” after all. I’ve heard the fishing is better in Montana than anywhere else. I’ve always wanted to learn to fly-fish…maybe Montana will be the place where that will happen! On our Adventure, almost anything is possible!

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