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Saying goodbye to New Hampshire…

Posted by on October 16, 2015

OCTOBER 16, 2015

MY STORY CONTINUES. Since we arrived in New England last June, we’ve stayed in New Hampshire on several occasions, for a total of about six weeks in the state. From delivering mail on Lake Winnipesaukee to driving the Kancamangus Scenic Byway in the White Mountains to a breathtaking ride up Mt. Washington on the Cog Railway…we’ve done it all. We’ve been thrilled by a couple of up-close-and-personal encounters with large black bears, we’ve picked apples in several old orchards and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at a quaint country inn. New Hampshire is a beautiful state.  And now, before we head south for the winter, we’re taking a few final photos and enjoying our last chance to experience the fall colors as they reach their peak in New England.


The Merrimack Valley is a bi-state region in New England along the Merrimack river, and includes parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire, and that’s where we’ve been staying recently.


The dome on the capitol can be seen from all over the city of Concord.

New Image_retouched

I always hoped I’d get a chance some day to see the fall colors in New England. I can now check that one off my bucket list! A tree just couldn’t be much more colorful than this one.

New Image

Gilmanton, New Hampshire.

New Image

Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Pittsfield, New Hampshire.


On both occasions when we’ve had work done on our motorhome, we’ve stayed in Concord at the Marriott Residence Inn. For extended stays, it’s far superior to a standard hotel room. We had a full kitchen with a dining area, a living room with a fireplace and a separate bedroom. 


The Kancamaggus Highway is a 35 mile drive in northern New Hampshire, best known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country. It is designated an American Scenic byway , and leads through the White Mountain National Forest along the Swift River.

New Image

New Image











New Image



On our return trip to the Lakes Region to take a few final photos of the foliage, we came across a little farm and spotted this huge pig. He was very friendly, and cooperated when I coaxed him to approach so I could get a close-up shot. After a few minutes of iPhone Google research, Florence learned that pigs are very sociable and communicative. They don’t eat excessively nor can they sweat. They are clean animals and are meticulous about not soiling their environment anywhere close to where they sleep or eat. A pig is supposedly as intelligent as a three year old child and has about the same amount of natural curiosity. Pigs learn quickly and particularly enjoy playing with soccer balls. So there, you now have more information about pigs than you ever wanted or needed. 

New Image

This guy was so friendly, I think if we’d invited him to come home with us he’d have obliged.

New Image

When I called him, he came running to me just like a puppy. 

New Image

When we got to Lake Winnipesaukee, the sun was behind the clouds. But even though it’s subtle…not bright and flashy, I like this image of a summer cottage on the lake. To me, it looks like the rural countryside in a Grandma Moses painting. 

New Image

Even though the weather wasn’t conducive to breathtaking foliage pictures, the scenery was beautiful. We’ll be in New Hampshire one more day, so perhaps we can get a few more bright, colorful photos before we depart. 


With just one more day to spend in New Hampshire before we pack up and head south, we decided to spend it in Portsmouth. It’s one of our favorite towns not just in New Hampshire but in all of New England. Settled in 1623, Portsmouth is the third-oldest city in the entire country, and it’s historically well-preserved. The waterfront is a photographer’s dream. Market Square, with tempting shops and restaurants, has miles of brick sidewalks to stroll. Here are my “parting shots.”


North Church on Market Square.

North Church in Portsmouth.













Law Office in Portsmouth. What a difference from the high-rise where I worked for so many years.


Market Square in Portsmouth.


Handsome buildings on Market Square.

New Image

A splash of color outside a shop in Portsmouth.

HERE WE GO. After a truly remarkable five months in New England, we’ve finally come to the end of our stay in this part of the country. Tomorrow morning bright and early we’ll head south toward the sugar-sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, where our winter stay at Bella Terra Resort in Gulf Shores begins on November 1st. Our destination is almost 1,600 miles down the road, so we’ve scheduled only a couple of short stops along the way. The first is at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, which encompasses part of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Appalachia. Our second and final stop will be in Charlotte, North Carolina where we’ll spend a couple of days visiting our friend Julie, a recent transplant from San Diego. So, that’s our plan. Please visit us again soon. Our Adventure continues.


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