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Spokane, Washington…

Posted by on August 9, 2014

Manito Park in Spokane. I really miss our summer flower gardens back home in Deerhorn Valley!

AUGUST 9, 2014. We said goodbye to our buddy Therese yesterday and she made the long drive home to Portland. We had a great time while she visited us in Coeur d’Alene. We cooked some good food, had lots of interesting conversations, did lots of “catching up,” dined at a few good restaurants and enjoyed a day on the lake. We’re going to keep our eyes peeled for one of those Southwest Airlines sales where you can fly almost anywhere round trip for about $39.00. When we spot one, we’ll see if we can arrange for her to fly to wherever we are at that point, so we can see each other again.

SPOKANE FOR A WEEK. We’ll be in Spokane…then Sandpoint…about a week before we head toward Montana and Glacier National Park. Spokane is located on the Spokane River, about 90 miles south of the Canadian border and 20 miles from the Washington – Idaho border. There are lots of parks and gardens here, along with some good museums. Riverfront Park sports an historic, hand-carved carousel where riders can participate in an old time ring toss. I’m good, if I don’t say so myself. I had lots of practice on the carousel in San Diego’s Balboa Park…maybe I can find a sucker who’ll want to place a bet. Lunch money. There is also a good viewing area for the Spokane Falls, and a Skyride that’s a rebuilt gondola lift that carries visitors across the falls from high above the river. Maybe…


Unusual architecture for a courthouse. I’m going to poke around inside, as I do every time we come across one. (See post for Port Townsend, Washington.)


Spokane Falls is right in the downtown area of the city.

SPOKANE COUNTY COURTHOUSE. I always like to visit the local county courthouses along our way and I’m not going to miss the one here in Spokane. One wouldn’t expect to happen upon a castle while visiting a major city in Washington state, but that’s exactly what we’ll find at Spokane’s County Courthouse. Built in 1893, the courthouse resembles two famous 16th century chateau in the Loire Valley of France, and was designed by the winner of a contest to determine the plans for the building. Detailed exterior trim such as shell patterns with wreaths and festoons and decorative arches are a few of the outstanding features of its design. The beautiful center tower, now lighted at night, is a masterpiece of detail in itself. More than once, when visiting an in-session courtroom the Judge has taken a recess and personally welcomed us, after asking us if we’re visitors to the area. I guess the backpacks, shorts and T shirts are dead giveaways! The most memorable time this occurred was in a little courthouse in Victoria, British Columbia. The Judge and barristers were dressed in black robes and powdered wigs. During the short recess, all of us had a light-hearted good time…except perhaps the criminal defendant who didn’t seem particularly pleased about our intrusion!


I’ve never before seen lightning this dramatic!

AUGUST 19, 2014. WHAT A STORM! We drove back to the Palouse area today and met a rainstorm the likes of which I’ve never seen anywhere else. From clear skies to a dramatic lightning and rainstorm in no time at all. We had an inch of rain in a mere 5 minutes. Despite the 80 degree temperatures today, the rain turned to hail…pellets were pounding on the Jeep so hard I was sure it would be damaged. We’ve never encountered weather like we’ve seen so far on our Adventure…San Diego weather is so mild compared to the rest of the country, we’re learning. In America’s Finest City, a half inch of rain is front page news! And just now…a little after 3 am on the 20th, the lightning storm is so dramatic in the black sky that Mother Nature seems to be angry! (Ah, the joy of insomnia! At least when I can’t sleep it’s nice to have something eventful happen!) You know what a “storm-watcher” I am…the combination of a passing freight train’s whistle and a dramatic lightning and thunderstorm against the ink-black sky is really a treat.  Bring it on!


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