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The Lone Star State…

Posted by on November 21, 2014



loneWe’ve been in the great state of Texas for just about a month. We’re enjoying everything about the place. We’re in no hurry to leave. Everything is large. Lots of Space. People are genuine. And friendly. Beautiful countryside. The pace is relaxed. There’s little pretension. The food is wonderful. BBQ is king. Ranchers are nice people. Children are polite. Everyone calls us “Ma’am” or “Sir.” People respect each other. Courtesy is widespread. Manners matter. Lots of cattle live here. Cowboys are for real. “Y’all” is a real word. Goats are handsome. Artificial lakes are everywhere. Texas Hill Country is fun. Folks wear boots. Rodeo’s are real. People attend church.

The Alamo is Downtown. The State tree is Pecan. State flag is red, white and blue. Dwight Eisenhower was born in Texas. Lyndon Johnson was born in Texas. Rio Grand River is huge. Guadalupe River is in Kerrville. National Museum of the Pacific War. Gulf of Mexico. State Motto: “Friendship.” Armadillos are for real. Red Grapefruit is the State fruit. Petroleum and natural gas are plentiful. Banking is a major industry. Longhorn cattle have long horns. White Tail Deer are everywhere. Patriotism prevails. “Don’t Mess with Texas” is a highway sign. Saloons still exist. Chili is good eatin’. Portions are large. Bluebonnets are wildflowers. 3 Major Food Groups: BBQ, Tex-Mex, Chicken-fried steak.

texasPanhandle. Guys wear belt buckles. Taxidermists are everywhere. “Drive Friendly – the Texas Way.” Speed limit is 75 MPH. Beef brisket. BBQ pit. Pawnshops are everywhere. Ranches. Orchards. Farms. Maple trees. Texas pride. Six Flags. Neither President Bush was born in Texas. Square Dancing. Prickly Pear Cactus. Country Western Music. Buck Owens. Dallas Cowboys aren’t. Oilmen. Cattlemen. Cattle. Horses. 10 gallon hat. Deer guards on trucks. Oil well pump. Pickup Trucks. Gun racks. Rick Perry. Ted Cruz. Ann Richards. People stop to talk. Sunsets are spectacular. Church socials. Thrift shops. Saddles. Fried food. People drive fast. Bales of hay. Tractors. Parks. Gunsmiths. Ammunition. Targets. Gulf Coast beaches. Cotton. Expect honesty. Jumbo shrimp. Mockingbird. German Heritage. Apache Indians. Comanche Indians. Turquois. Minerals. Big Bend National Park. Guadalupe Mountains. Rio Grande. Tex-Mex. Red barns. Pastures. Prairie. Goats with horns.

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