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The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part II.

Posted by on September 20, 2016

THE MANY FACES. About a week ago, I published a post called “The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach.”  There are a few more pictures I took that morning at the beach, so I decided to post them here as “The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part II.” The theme continues to be something like, “Its easy to find beauty all around us, if we just take the time to look for it.” So, here goes…



Top of a wooden fence post at the beach. Again, early morning is a good time to photograph landscape scenes. While the sun is still low in the sky, shadows are created in the photo images which make even the mundane quite extraordinary.



An ordinary wooden fence plank has knots. When photographed close-up, they show more of Nature’s handy work.



This is another picture of the knot on that same fence board. This piece of wood is pretty because it’s been washed and bleached by the sun, the wind and the salt-sea air.



More bright light and dark shadows. This scene would be very ordinary at high-noon.


AFTER ABOUT TWO HOURS, STARTING AT SUN-UP. About two hours after Florence and I arrived for our sun-up shoot, the shadows were starting to disappear and we were getting a little tired and ready for some breakfast. So we took a few last pictures as we left the beach in search of sustenance. And I think they continue to be consistent with the theme of this post, that there is beauty all around us, if we just take a moment to view it.



I’ve given you plenty of hints. What is this? Post your best guess as a comment at the end of this post.



If you can’t identify this one, you haven’t been following my blog very long. Again, comments please. We’ll see who’s been paying attention.









What I tried to do in this photo was get a crisp shot of the flower bud closest to the top, while “fuzzing” everything else. This was a little tricky because the sand was farther and the flower in the foreground is closer.




If you guys can guess this one I’ll be surprised. Kitty? John, Jr? Jude? Jon?


THAT’S IT FOR TODAY.  Or I should say for tonight. It’s almost 1:00 AM and I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. It looks now as if “The Faces of Pensacola Beach” will have three parts. Stay tuned for part III. Oh, by the way, these photos were all taken with my iPhone 6. Just like the ones in “Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part I.” It’s the eye, not so much the camera I venture to suggest. (With obvious exceptions.) So again, leave your comments about identifying the “mystery photos.” Also tell me what you think about pictures quality more being dependent on the photographer than the camera.


I’ll continue my story next time.

12 Responses to The Many Faces of Pensacola Beach, Part II.

  1. Kitty

    #1 – that is the netting pouch on the back of a car seat
    #2 – something on your jeep
    #3 – signal light on your jeep
    #4 – ?

    Great pictures

  2. Greg

    Very close, my friend. But you left #4 blank, and your other three gueses, though good ones, were not good enough for a prize. Shall we dance? LOL

  3. Greg Alford

    Well, Miss Kitty: Are you going to guess again or shall I just tell you what the images are?

  4. Jon York

    #1 is the pocked inside the door on your Jeep
    #2 is a chrome hinge
    #3 I’ve seen but can’t remember what it is

  5. Jon York

    #1 is the pocket inside the door on your Jeep
    #2 is a chrome hinge
    #3 I’ve seen but can’t remember what it is

  6. Jon York

    You didn’t ask but the orange lens is the front turn signal on your Jeep

  7. Greg Alford

    Good morning, Sir. As I’d have guessed, you’re almost spot-on correct. 1 is in fact the pocket inside the door of my Jeep. 2 is a chrome hinge. The orange lens is the front turn signal. It’s #3 that’s the challenge. Yes, you’ve seen it, probably dozens of times. And it really shouldn’t have been included, because it violates the theme of the post and the quiz. But, since now you’re curious and I don’t want to have you distracted all day wondering what Sgt. Alford included in that photo, here it is: That’s the occupied/not occupied “sign” on a porta-potty at the beach. Aren’t you glad I spared you the agony of wondering all day long?

  8. Jon York

    I’m so relieved. As much as I use porta potties I should have known right away. Headed out now.

  9. Jon York

    I am relieved, as much as I use porta potties I should have known right away.

  10. Greg Alford

    A good “ending” to this phase of our ongoing “comment games.” We’re already looking forward to seeing you in November, my friend.

  11. Jon York

    What do I win?

  12. Greg Alford

    What do you deserve, Captain York?

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