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The Oldest BBQ Joint in Kerrville…

Posted by on October 28, 2014

OCTOBER 28, 2014. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


Here it is…the oldest Bar-B-Que joint in Kerrville. More than 25 years and going strong. That says a lot about the place!

BILL’S BAR-B-QUE JOINT IN KERRVILLE, TEXAS. A family tradition for more than 25 years. Second generation and still cookin’. Where the bull goes on forever. Brisket, ribs, sausage, chicken and pork loin. Custom Cooking. Committed to their time-tested recipes, methods and quality ingredients. Texas-sourced fresh meat and everything on the menu made from scratch. This place is simply the best! For the first time in my life I’ve enjoyed “real” Texas BBQ.”

THE REAL DEAL. I try not to overuse superlatives, so understand that for me to call an eatery “the best” says a lot! Located at  1909 Junction Highway in Kerrville, the joint is just what a BBQ place should be: Huge smokers outside with several cords of hickory wood neatly stacked close-by, several extra large outdoor pits and the homiest look and feel inside you’d ever be able to find anywhere.  The meat goes into the smoker about 1 am and from there it cooks in the pit at a steady 200 degrees. By the time the place opens at 11 o’clock for lunch, the meat is cooked to perfection. The owner told me that he throws the left over onion skins from the prep station into the smoker to give the meat an extra taste-sensation. And also, he explains that using the same pits for more than 40 years gives his meat a distinctive taste newer restaurants can’t reproduce.


I don’t even need to add a caption to this one!

MY DINNER TONIGHT. For dinner tonight I chose Baby Back Ribs and the obligatory Brisket, with potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, bbq sauce on the side and of course white bread. Wonderful! The smoked turkey Florence enjoyed was equally good. The beans looked and smelled just right. I’ll try them next time and also save a little room for the homemade pie or cobbler.

CHOICES: (Meat) Brisket, Sausage, Pork Ribs, Pork Rump Roast, Turkey, Chicken Breast. (Sides) Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Beans, Bull n’ Beans Frito Pie, White Bread.  (Toppings) Jalapenos, Pickles, Onions and BBQ Sauce.










Hey, Greg. “Look at the size of this barbeque pit.”


The meat goes into the smoker at 1 am each morning. It’s ready to serve when the joint opens for lunch at 11 o’clock. That’s a lot of prep time!


These BBQ pits have been in use for about 40 years. Being seasoned for that length of time imparts a distinctive flavor to the meat.


A perfectly prepared brisket. I got some pieces that were lightly marbled. Yum!


Just how a barbeque joint should look, right?


You serve yourself after you’ve ordered. There’s kind of an honor system.


Framed newspaper articles are proudly displayed on the restaurant’s walls. Bill’s was voted best BBQ in the entire Texas Hill Country for 2010. Believe me, everything’s still good in 2014.


Voted “Best BBQ in Texas Hill Country.”

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT…BILL’S BAR-B-QUE. One of a kind. The only one. Not a chain. Not a franchise. Family owned. A second generation operation. Fresh local meat and everything made from scratch. Nothin’ fancy. The real deal. It doesn’t get much better than this. And they cater. How fun would it be to have them prepare and serve dinner at a party? Hmmm, I wonder if we could make enough friends here in the next few months to host a big barbeque get-together?

THANKS FOR THE GREAT DINNER. See you again soon. That was good eatin’.

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