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Up the Creek Grill. Page Springs, Arizona…

Posted by on December 11, 2013

Up the Creek Grill is cozy and inviting.

Up the Creek Grill is a very special restaurant!  It easily ranks #1 so far on the list of places where we’ve dined on this Journey. As you know I’m a real wanna be chef and restauranteur.  I’ve often thought over the years that Culinary School might have better suited me than Law School. Although I still plan to be a physician “when I grow up,” owning and directing a restaurant like the Up the Creek Grill might need to be squeezed into my life plans as well. Ha! Anyway, I’ve got a special category on this blog about noteworthy eateries we’ve found along the way, and Up the Creek is by far the best candidate for this designation so far. It’s really special…especially considering where it’s located. Page Springs is part of a little town called Cornville, located a few miles outside of Sedona. This Grill is located right on the Oak Creek. Large glass windows overlook the creek and add to the delightful ambiance in the dining area. I’m so glad we chose this spot for supper on our last night in town!

It’s just days before Christmas, and as we approached the restaurant we remarked on how beautifully it was decorated with twinkling colored lights. Stepping inside was an even better visual treat. There was a cheery fire in a large stone fireplace and a Victorian-type Christmas tree right in the dining area. Understand that this is not a fancy place nor is the building a new, slick, modern one. Rather, the appearance of the restaurant is best described as country-rustic. The tables are covered with white butcher paper as I’ve often seen before, giving an initial impression of relaxed elegance. We were seated right next to a window. The large trees and the creek below were illuminated so we had a terrific view even though it was dark outside. Within moments after having been seated, we had ice water on the table and a Server explaining the menu items and the specials.

Menu: Here’s just a sampling of items on the Supper Menu. Appetizers: “Out West Tomato Pie, sour cream crust, herbs and cheese blend sensation. Wild Mushroom creamed Bruschetta. Soups and Salads: Campfire Clam Chowder. Seared Ahi (Sushi grade – 6 oz.) Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette dressing. Entrees: The special was Rack of Lamb served with Cranberry reduction. Others included: Filet Mignon 6 oz Angus with Herbed Cheese and topped with a Jumbo Shrimp, Grilled Veggies with smoked tomato herb butter and garlic humus, and Grilled Angus 21 day minimum “dry-aged” Top Sirloin.

I chose the Top Sirloin and, boy, I was not disappointed. The top sirloin is of course not the most tender of beef steaks. It is very flavorful however so there is something of aUp-the-Creek-Grill trade-off. Wow! My steak was as tender a T bone and had very, very good beefy flavor as well. The Server described the meat as “Harris Ranch Grass-Fed, Organic, Hormone-free lean beef.”I don’t know if that’s what made the difference or not, but I’d stand in line to have another steak as good as the one I was served. The steak was accompanied with a salt-rubbed Russet potato and a medley of colorful vegetables. The dessert menu included Creme Brule and Buttermilk Pie. I’d never had the latter so I tried it and I was not disappointed. It had a somewhat coarse cream texture and was sweet and tasty. It was served warm and drizzled with Caramel sauce. Florence has always raved about her Grandmother’s unmatched, down-South cooking and baking skills, but she rated this Buttermilk Pie right up there with her grandmother’s. That’s quite a compliment.

Here’s how the Owner describes the Grill:


This is the view of Oak Creek from the restaurant.

Description: Along an historic highway towards Wine Country you’ll step back into how the west once was. There’s nothing else like it as you dine in one of the most unique restaurants in Arizona! You’ll be impressed with the rustic and authentic cowboy eatery. Enjoy fine steaks & seafood in the lush tree tops & large creek-side setting while watching the wildlife below. Eagles call this home, while the beavers build and the otters frolic. Find herons, wood ducks, turtles and others scouting out where they too find some of the best food in these here parts. Fine dining in a historic, but casual atmosphere. Join us for one of the best culinary experiences around. Freshly prepared and made to order Angus, Dry-Aged & organic grass-fed meats, homemade soups and desserts. Want the best; then come out West and see what all the locals are talking about. Full bar & fine local and international wines.

This restaurant is not to be missed. It was a special finale to the great time we’ve had in Sedona. And, we got out of there for less than $100.00!

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