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What a surprise…snow on the ground!

Posted by on April 28, 2014

APRIL 28, 2014

EAST CANYON RV RESORT, NEAR MORGAN, UTAH. WE HAD SNOW LAST NIGHT. Not just flurries but real, stick-to-the-ground snow! For a born and raised Southern California boy, this is a big deal.  The only problem is… we left our awning extended overnight and it’s covered with snow.  So until we can figure out a way to remove it, or it melts, we’re not going anywhere…there’s no way to retract it! I hope it doesn’t snow any more or it might rip right off the side of our coach. That would be a pricy fix!


The view this morning from our front door…our only door for that matter.


There’s a lot of snow on the patio awning. We’re not going anywhere ’til we get it off of there. We can’t retract.

We bought a turkey the other day when we drove to Park City. I think today will be a good day to put it in the oven. You know me, a little thing like living in a motor-home would never stop me from cooking a fresh turkey dinner. And then…of course, home-made turkey soup from the carcass.

I LOVE TO COOK! I often wonder why I developed this love of cooking. My mom wasn’t a really good cook. She was the best in every other more important way..she just didn’t take the time to cook too much. Maybe I’m sub-consciously reacting. She used to tell a funny story: When I was about 12 years old, she and my dad had me babysit my younger brother and sister one evening. Mom left explicit instructions how I was to prepare dinner. About the green peas, she said, “Boil them in 1/2 cup of salted water.” So when it was time for me to fix dinner, I put the peas in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of salt and a little water. They tasted awful but they sure were bright green!

If the sun comes out a bit, we may take a drive on one of the Jeep trails. nearby. A guy I met this morning said that he saw several elk and lots of deer yesterday afternoon when he took his ATV on one of the trails. I wonder what one does if an angry elk starts to charge? Maybe I should take my air horn. Do elk have antlers?

AWNING UPDATE: 3:00 pm. The sun melted the snow on our awning. I retracted it. It’s beginning to snow hard again now. But who cares…the awning’s up and secure. So, the next challenge is turkeygoing to be driving down the winding road out of here in a few days if the snow is still on the ground. I seriously doubt the road is plowed…we are way off the beaten path! A happy coincidence is that there has been just one switch on the driver’s transmission panel I didn’t know about. I re-read the manual today: It’s a traction anti-slip assist. Good timing! I may well need to use it getting the heck out of here. One day at a time. What’s the worst that can happen? We’ll be stuck here for a while. As Florence and I agreed almost a year ago, “What’s the rush?”

TRAIL RIDE UPDATE: 4 pm. Turns out it was too cold and snowy to go on an “Elk hunt.” That will have to wait ’til another day. Anyway, what’s the difference between an elk and a moose? I might not even know an elk if I met one on the road! Kinda’ like the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. Or a mule and a burro…

TURKEY UPDATE: 8:00 pm. Dinner was a success! Roast turkey, cranberry relish, cornbread stuffing, pan gravy, steamed broccoli and roadside-stand fresh fruit salad. Even had a candle burning on the table. Better, I’d guess, than the average motor-homer’s dinner this evening! And we’ll have turkey sandwiches for days. I like to make “Thanksgiving Sandwiches”… turkey, stuffing and cranberry relish on sourdough bread. Almost better than the turkey dinner itself. And the homemade soup…simmer the carcass in a stock pot for a couple hours, chop celery and carrots, add some rice…well, that’s a story for another day. I’m sure you guys get tired of all this cook-talk. Can’t help myself. God, you’d think I didn’t get enough to eat as a child!

View from the passenger window.

View from the passenger window.


You can see the snow on our patio awning.



Snow as seen from our windshield.

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