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CeeLo Green, up close and personal…

Posted by on July 12, 2016

CeeLo’s 2016 tour, The Love Train pulled into town last night and we had front row seats.

FREE TICKETS, SO WHY NOT? Free stuff is good. So when I was recently offered front row seats for CeeLo Green’s “Love Train Tour” concert, I snapped them up. All I knew about the dude was that he was a host on “The Voice” and the few times I watched the show he seemed like a nice guy. But I was a little worried that he might turn out to be a rapper, whose music in my view isn’t music at all. So I checked him out. Here’s what I learned.

CeeLo: A SHORT BIO. Born in 1974, Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known by his stage name CeeLo Green, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and businessman. That’s quite a string of accomplishments. Green came to initial prominence as a member of the Southern hip-hop group “Goodie Mob” and later as part of the soul duo “Gnarls Barkley. Subsequently he embarked on a solo career, partially spurred by YouTube popularity. He hit the top of the charts in an unlikely fashion with the single “F— You,” which was an instant hit. And for those of you who are offended by the title of this hit song, CeeLo has recorded a radio version: “Forget You.” What a guy!



CeeLo has some talented people working for him. His portrait photographer is top-notch. Since I began studying photography, I know. 


CeeLo’s 2016 tour icon is superb.  I can tell you that he paid top dollar to the graphic artist who designed it.  














The morning after the concert, Florence and I were having brunch when of all people CeeLo walked up to the carving station where I was awaiting a rare slice of prime rib. “Good morning to you” I said to CeeLo Green himself. And I’m not just saying this, but he was as happy to see me and get my impressions of the show as if I’d been his brother. Highly unlikely. But all kidding aside, he took a few minutes to chat, answer stupid “fan-type questions” and pose for a picture. Genuinely a nice guy. 


greg1WHAT FUN! Florence and I were probably the oldest couple at the concert. Who cares? We had a blast. Aren’t you glad you came with us? This event marks the end of our stay in Florida. It’s a bittersweet moment. But it’s time to go. I’ll post again after we’re underway. This promises to be the most exciting leg of our Journey yet. So consider becoming a subscriber right now. I don’t want you to miss even a chapter of my story. I promise to tell a good one.

 THANKS FOR JOINING US.  My thanks to all of you who offered your support while we were in Florida. You may not realize how important it was to me, knowing that you cared and that you were with me during my time of need. I’m not sure I’d have made it without you. Godspeed.


New Image

I’ll continue my story next time.

3 Responses to CeeLo Green, up close and personal…

  1. Greg Alford

    Come on, you guys! See how this works? I know you have thoughts and impressions because you send them to me every day by email. Well, I’ve made things easier for you, so you’ll be prompted to share more often and your thoughts will reach a far greater audience. Please…

  2. Jim

    I am so glad to here you are back on the road again!
    Kitty has been a long time member and I am her hubby.

  3. Greg Alford

    Thanks! It’s about time for us to get started…we’ve been in Pensacola long enough. I appreciate all the doctors here did for me, but the time to move on has arrived. Thanks to you and Kitty for following my blog! Comment/text/email again soon. We’ll have lots to share. And when you get ready for a long trip or to bite the bullet and go fulltime for a while, let us know. Who knows, we might be able to finally meet and travel a while together. Stranger things have happened, believe me!

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