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Music men…

Posted by on July 28, 2016

JULY 28, 2016

MIKE IS THE DRUMMER IN A REGGAE BAND. He’s been happily married for more than 30 years. An Assistant Pastor at his Baptistreggae Church, he also plays drums in a Reggae Band. We’re going to watch his group play next Sunday afternoon at the Malibu Lounge right here in Pensacola. Here’s a Trip Advisor Review from December of last year. “We’ve been to the New Malibu lounge a number of times. Excellent place to listen to live music with a variety of great local talent. Very good bar food. We enjoyed the tuna dip, Philly cheese steak, collards and other sampling. Staff may be the friendliest we have ever experienced. Good area in back to watch football as well.” 


Assistant Pastor at his Baptist Church, musician and overall nice guy. Oh, did I mention he has a sense of humor, too?

NATHANIEL JONES IS A GOSPEL SINGER. Meet Nathaniel Jones, “Nate” to his friends. He sings with the “Pensacola Men of God.” It’s a men’s group whose goal is “touching God’s people through the Ministry of music.” We accepted his invitation to join the “Men of God” at an afternoon Gospel Service to be held at the Oakfield Union Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend Roosevelt Rich, Pastor. Our plan is to attend the service and meet Nate’s friends in the congregation afterwards. There will be a potluck dinner with lots of homemade food. I told Nate I like to cook and he said I’d probably be able to get some Southern recipes handed down over the generations. We’ve had the best fried chicken ever in the South and I’m hoping I can persuade one of the ladies that if she will share her recipe with me I’ll put it to good use. After all of this, we’ll drive to “the Malibu” and arrive by about 8 pm to see Mike play with his Reggae band.



He kind of looks like a gospel singer, doesn’t he?

OK GREG, WHERE DID YOU MEET THESE TWO GUYS? When they’re not singing, preaching or making music these guys work for a mobile RV detailing service. We met when they came to Pensacola RV Park where we’re staying and worked our coach. It hadn’t been done for almost a year and I don’t like to let it go much more than that. I think if I maintain our motorhome’s finish we’ll be able to sell it or trade it for a better price than if I let it go. These vehicles are constantly exposed to the elements…we sure don’t have a garage. So without regular attention that shiny showroom appearance doesn’t last too long.

SUNDAY WILL BE A BUSY DAY. I’ll try to publish Sunday’s activities by Monday evening so you can share the experience with us. It promises to be a fun-filled and interesting day, so if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to my blog and don’t miss a single post about our Great American Adventure. My followers are happy the signed up. They tell me that all the time. I bet you’ll tell me, too.

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I’ll continue my story next time.


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