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Happy Easter…

Posted by on April 5, 2015

TIME FLIES! This is our second Easter “on the road.” It’s hard to believe that we’ve been exploring the country in our motorhome for almost two years now. Last Easter we were at Bryce Canyon in Utah. I remember when we awoke and went outside on Easter morning, we found colored eggs on our picnic table. The Camp Host had decorated all the tables in the entire RV park. A nice touch. We had a picnic lunch at Inspiration Point in the National Park looking across an immense valley at age-old red rock formations like nowhere else in the world. Beautiful! Who’d have guessed we’d ever spend Easter morning at Bryce Canyon National Park?


I guess it all depends on your point of view.

AND THIS YEAR. And who’d have ever guessed we’d spend Easter morning this year near an alligator-infested bayou in the state of Louisiana? But here we are. Dawn arrived this year with dark grey skies, steady rainfall and lightening on the western horizon. Even though I’d made reservations in advance, we abandoned our plans to have Easter dinner at a fancy local Italian restaurant and decided to just hang out and enjoy the day “at home.”

COOKING ON A RAINY DAY. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a fish monger, get some shellfish and make some real southern Louisiana Gumbo. That’s something I’ve never prepared myself. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even eaten it. Or what about Jambalaya? It’s comfort food incarnate, and another Louisiana staple with a list of variations as long as its history.  Where’s Paul Prudhomme when you need him? All my cookbooks are in storage!

SORRY, NO ALLIGATORS TODAY. Unfortunately, even though I know they’re in the neighborhood I’m not going to be able to entertain you guys with bigger-than-life photos of real live alligators today. The weather is just not conducive for an ‘gator hunt. Not to worry…we’ll still be Louisiana for a couple of weeks so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get you some good shots…just be patient.  I know it’ll be tough, but just hang in there.

laWHAT’S NEXT. You can see on the map where we are right now in Lake Charles, at the green star. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Baton Rouge and I’ll have my first-time-ever chance to see the Mississippi River. We’ll be there a few days and then head to New Orleans. I’m super excited about each of these next two stops. I’ll have lots of interesting posts and photos, I’m sure. So be sure to stick with us…there’s lots more to come.


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