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More about Kerrville…

Posted by on October 24, 2014

OCTOBER 24, 2014


Fall colors in Kerrville, Texas.

There is something very relaxing about this part of the world. It feels good to slow down and settle down. Before our arrival, we’d been on the road for about 15 months, moving from place to place every few days or few weeks. So, it’s time for us to take a break from all that travel, settle back and enjoy this nice community. It’s a good feeling.

Perhaps it’s the warm, welcoming Texans who live in these parts. They all say “Yes, sir” or “No, sir.” They refer to us as “y’all.” Or perhaps it’s the landscape and the countryside: slow, rolling hills covered with scrub and ancient oak trees. Texas longhorns, goats and horses lazily grazing in the pastures. Streams and rivers. More than any other part of the picturesque Hill Country, Kerrville has a western image of rodeo and cowboy culture. But whatever it is, there’s no doubt that Kerrville exudes an outdoorsy charm that is not lost on us! We’re going to stay here awhile.





MORE ABOUT KERRVILLE. Nestled along the scenic shoreline of the Guadalupe River in the rolling, wooded hills of central Texas, Kerrville exudes an outdoorsy charm that provides enjoyment of all nature has to offer. Its geological diversity creates a rich, natural beauty that delights the senses. We’ve walked along lush river paths under venerable live oaks festooned with mistletoe, and enjoyed the smell of juniper that spices the air. Not one single high-rise building obstructs views of this picturesque town and its surroundings.

Kerrville’s mild, healthy climate, friendly neighbors, and cultural venues have earned it kudos such as ” best retirement spot in Texas” and a top ranking as a best retirement town in the United States. The relaxed pace of life and the safe community atmosphere draw many golden-agers to relocate here. Ranked in The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, Kerrville offers a dynamic visual arts scene with a host of galleries and art-related activities. A strong performing arts community is committed to local drama, touring classical orchestras, and popular music groups.

THE DRIVE TO TOWN: It’s about a 10 minute drive from our winter home RV site at Buckhorn to downtown Kerrville. That’s of course where we do our grocery shopping and dine at local restaurants that have already become favorites. The drive is so relaxing and picturesque that “going to town” is something we look forward to doing just because of the drive. We always encounter deer, especially at dusk. Usually there are mostly does and their babies grazing near a large grove of pecan trees along-side the road. Some of the little ones are so tiny they appear to be just learning to walk. Today, though, we saw a huge buck with a rack of antlers so large that I’m sure he’s king of the forest. We also have found a spot along the way where we usually encounter a small herd of good looking goats. Sometimes they’re just aimlessly browsing around the hillside, but on occasion and for reasons I can’t fathom, they march single-file in a line as if they have a definite purpose and destination. We always pass a group of cattle near a ranch house close to the road, where a flock of chickens peck away on the ground as if it’s their last meal. (Who knows, perhaps it is.) There’s a large hen house and I’m guessing the farmer would be happy to sell me fresh eggs. The next time I see him when we’re passing by I’m going to stop and ask. And of course the creek running alongside the road always an interesting view. Here are some pictures…







HOW FUN IS THIS? And here’s a good one, I’m not kidding:  Don’t be surprised to see a herd of Texas longhorns while tooling down the backroads. Or a giraffe, zebra, or ostrich, for that matter. More than 50 species of exotic animals roam free on large area ranches.

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