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Near Morgan, Utah…

Posted by on April 23, 2014

APRIL 23, 2014. We stopped at AN RV dealership this morning to order some parts and discuss a few upgrades with the Service Manager.morgan We made an appointment for service at the end of the month. We’re going to spend a week out in the country.   Way out in the country!  About 45 minutes from Salt Lake, not too far from Park City…the famous ski resort, lies the little town of Morgan, Utah. Picture it…It’s a handful of farms and ranches nestled among rolling green hills and a few snow capped mountain peaks. Small town Americana. About 3,500 people call it home. I’m sure there’s a 4th of July parade running down Main Street each summer. Probably a kissing booth at the local county fair. I’d bet my bottom dollar there’s lots of good home cooking inside the little farmhouses and the lemonade is made from scratch! Folks are friendly. There’s one gas station in town, a little Texaco place with only one “island” and two pumping stations. Thankfully they had diesel fuel. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the station lot is so small and the pump island so short that our rig had to straddle the street, curb and sidewalk just so I could park close enough to pump! I totally blocked the station’s driveway…nobody else could possibly have entered while we were there filling up.


Our rig is so big it wouldn’t fit into the service station. I had to straddle the curb and sidewalk…and extend into the street, just to get close enough to fill our tank!

From there, we drove along a very narrow country road…call it a Lane…for about 20 miles.

Vintage barn in Morgan, Utah. A beautiful place to camp for a week!

Vintage barn in Morgan, Utah. A beautiful place to camp for a week!

There were 5 mph switchbacks and pretty steep grades. The road realistically would not have been wide enough for two vehicles to pass one another. It was frankly not a real safe place for our 41 foot rig towing the Jeep. Anyhow, we inched along this road…enjoying the spectacular scenery and envying the lone fisherman at the shore of a beautiful small reservoir we passed. We reached our campsite. Gorgeous! Just two other rigs. No traffic. No street lights. No park lights. No rec room and no organized activities. Lots of pine trees and green grass. Perfect…just what we were searching for today.  We’ll take it! This is gonna work!

EAST CANYON RV RESORT. We’re here for a week. It’s nice…a park owned by its members who make sure it’s well maintained, and that the pristine out-in-the-country feel is preserved. It’s far-removed from any hustle-bustle. About 10,000 acres of privately owned land in a very pretty part of the State.  One of the members told me there’s a shooting range nearby. Maybe I’ll get some target practice. I haven’t been to a range for a while.


We’ve got this entire park almost to ourselves!


This lake is right by the campground.


Our site is nestled in the pine trees. It’s been rainy and breezy…the wind whistling through the pines is nice. We’ve even had some snow flurries. And some very large deer.








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