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Seeing Sedona’s “other Grand Canyon” by Jeep…

Posted by on December 12, 2013

DECEMBER 12, 2013

The weather warmed a bit and we decided to stay and see all the sights. I’m way glad we did! I’d forgotten how absolutely breathtaking all the red rock formations are.


This sign was posted near the place where I left the asphalt one day. I figured if I was in an area where off-roading was prohibited, I could plead ignorance based on this confusing sign!


Sedona + Jeep = Good Time.

I’m glad we have our Jeep, because without it we’d never have been able to navigate the off-road trails to get to the really good vantage points. Our Jeep has four separate 4 WD gears, which can be selected according to the difficulty of the terrain. I’m not gutsy enough to try it, but this Jeep will literally crawl over rocks and logs where you’d think it would be absolutely impossible to drive! All you’ve got to do is point it.  The Command-Trac kicks into action and delivers equal power to all four corners, getting through the rough stuff with ease. The main case joint is clamped with 18 bolts for unparallelled structural stiffness. The rear differential’s torque-sensitive mechanical unit works to maintain traction in extremely slippery or or rough conditions.

Unlike most tourist destinations, Sedona’s sights are not at all commercialized. Sure, you can take a helicopter or jeep tour and you can buy a picture book with all the sights. But the locations of these majestic rocks themselves are not marked and are untouched. There are no snack bars or parking areas. When you find them you’re there. Thank goodness…it’s nice to find  beautiful spots that remain untouched and untarnished.

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