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Sentimental Journey into the South…

Posted by on June 7, 2016

JUNE 7, 2016


Logo: York Tours of Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle. 

A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. You guys know that our friend Jon, who’s lived in the South his entire life, has been taking us around and showing us the sights. And his “tours” are lots better than what Gray Line has to offer. Those bus tours are better than nothing in a pinch, when we find ourselves in a city new to us with nobody handy to show us around. But they are geared to the typical tourist, kind of the lowest common denominator of folks visiting town. Often as a result they are pretty basic. I’ve remarked that “when you scratch the surface, you get more surface.” Contrast “York Tours of Pensacola.” I’ve told Jon he should open a tour company and that he’d make a small fortune every day in tips!

ABOUT “YORK TOURS OF PENSACOLA.” Of course there is no such business. But Jon has sensed our real interest of getting beyond that lowest common denominator and learning as much as we can about his hometown and Southern History in general. He sent me this series of photos that collectively offer a sentimental journey into the South.  His attention to detail is something you’ve probably noticed, although I don’t even try to include in my posts the historical detail we’re provided each time we go out for a look around. We’ve even got a system that works for the three of us. Jon drives our Jeep. He’s got one of his own so I don’t worry. He’s able to multi-task, so he points out the places of interest while driving at the same time. No problem for someone who’s lived in the neighborhood forever. So while he’s driving, Florence and I are free to really look at the sights and assess whether we see any Kodak-moments  or special photo ops along the way. When we do, the Jeep comes to a screeching halt and we all dismount to take a look.

So, let’s begin a sentimental journey into the South as told in pictures by a guy who’s roots are deeply embedded here. Enjoy it. You’ll have a better understanding of the South and the culture of those who call it home when the show’s over.  

familiar places

Familiar Places. 

familiar faces

Familiar Faces. 

small town roots

Small town roots.

old friends

Old Friends.

new generations

New Generations.

pickup trucks

Pickup Trucks.

A SOUTHERN COLLAGE, OF SORTS. “Some say that it’s a world that no longer exists, others say that it never did. But it’s still here, scattered alongside the back-roads and forgotten corners of the small towns and out of the way places that lie off the beaten path, which live on forever in our memories.” This is how Jon described the series of photos he sent me. They belong in this post. I want to keep myself busy and I want to entertain you guys with my blog posts. That’s why I spend lots of time banging away at my keyboard and taking photos to share. I also want a record of our Adventure so when Florence and I have stopped traveling and settled down, we’ll have a convenient way to re-live our experience. This series of pictures will accomplish just that. Thanks for joining me today. There will be lots more to come.

Hunting dogs

Hunting dogs.


Moonshine stills. 

General Stores.

General Stores.

barber shops

Barber Shops.

Boiled Peanuts.

Boiled Peanuts.

A DOZEN PHOTOGRAPHERS CAPTURED THESE IMAGES. The gallery of images you’ve just enjoyed is the work of more than a dozen different photographers. It captures places found in the South and conveys the their true spirit and character. It is a world like no other. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve picked up the pace. Our time in Florida is coming to an end, and I want to share as much with you as possible before it’s time to hit the road again.


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