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Tiffany Art in Orlando…

Posted by on January 29, 2017

A RAINY DAY. Today was overcast and drizzly, so it seemed like a good day for an outing we could enjoy indoors. We had read about a large collection of Tiffany art on display in the nearby suburb of of Winter Park, so we decided to pack up for the day and take a look. We’re glad we did.

THE MORSE MUSEUM. No doubt you’ve seen Tiffany art glass, leaded-glass lamps or windows but unless you’ve beat us to this punch you’ve never seen anything Tiffany like we say today! Although the Morse Museum is housed in an unassuming building, it contains the largest collection of art works by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

The galleries were developed from former bank and office buildings. The design links two buildings with a tower in a simple modified Mediterranean style, meant to blend with the surrounding cityscape. The museum itself is beautifully designed, with a classical, elegant center atrium connecting the various wings and a small atrium garden with walkable colonnade running alongside.





























THE CHAPEL. The impressive chapel that Tiffany & Co. built for the world Columbia Exhibition held in 1893 in Chicago, filled with glass mosaic, stained glass and carved architectural details, is housed in it’s entirety within the museum and is the museum’s most impressive exhibit.


THANKS FOR JOINING US. We enjoyed our trip to the Morse Museum and hope you had a good time tagging along with us. The weatherman is now calling for clear, sunny days so we’ll get outside again soon and show you more of the sights around town.

I’ll continue my story next time.

2 Responses to Tiffany Art in Orlando…

  1. Maxfield Allen

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Enjoy. Pick me up a couple of those Tiffany pieces for me while you’re ther 😉

  2. Greg Alford

    Allen, I’m all over it. Will two pieces be enough?

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